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Length: 14 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 1st – 8th Grades
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How to Use This Course

The Nature/Outdoors class on is a class that helps students appreciate the wonders of nature by keeping any type of nature journal that works for the individual student. Classes are presented for two different climates, generally in groups of four weeks for each pair of topics. Included are science experiments, art, crafts, journaling, photography, and more to encourage learning and a love of nature. These classes can be taken in any order, so the student can study the subjects that interest them most. And you can always add in other subjects that they may be surprised to find so interesting!

Course Introduction

Nature/Outdoors is a favorite among nature lovers! This wonderful class by Erin Dean encourages students to explore nature and the outdoors through instruction, videos, informative websites, and hands-on activities. Erin has created Nature/Outdoors to be enjoyable for all students, no matter where they call home. Most lessons have two tracks, e.g., bears and ants simultaneously, so that students can choose one or the other. They can, of course, do both tracks each month, depending on their interest level. Erin has provided engaging activities to learn about the animals or the habitats she covers in this course. Where safety might be an issue, such as the lessons on bears and snakes, she provides ample warning to watch from afar or simply watch the videos provided.

All ages, from preschool through adult, are sure to enjoy this course. Erin asks a variety of questions related to each topic to encourage detailed observation, and she includes science experiments, art, crafts, journaling, photography, and more.

Lessons include written instruction, links to informative websites and videos, journaling, and hands-on activities.

Unit 1: Evergreens and Sand
Unit 2: Birds and Wildflowers
Unit 3: Animal Tracks and Traveling Seeds
Unit 4: Night Sky and Rainbows
Unit 5: Ponds and Trees
Unit 6: Owls
Unit 7: Mosquitoes
Unit 8: Acorns
Unit 9: Migration and Fungi
Unit 10: Cold Weather: A Study of Winter and Warm Weather: A Study of Lichens and Mosses
Unit 11: Creeks
Unit 12: Wild Birds and Wolves and Coyotes
Unit 13: Squirrels and Snakes
Unit 14: Bears and Ants

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