Manners and Healthy Habits for Preschool -

Manners and Healthy Habits for Preschool

Length: 15 weekly lessons
Includes: Lessons with activities
Age/Grade: Preschool
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How to Use This Course

This unit is full of bright illustrations and simple worksheets to help your preschooler as they learn about ways to keep themselves and others neat and healthy and ways they can demonstrate good manners at home and in public.

Course Introduction

It is very important to take good care of yourself. When you are growing is the time to build healthy habits that will be with you all of your life. What habits do you need to do to learn to take care of yourself? What is a habit, anyway? And why does it matter if you’re polite and act nicely in public? Join us for a lot of fun activities and find out!

How Do I Take Care of Myself?

  • What is a Healthy Habit?
  • I Am Independent in Appropriate Bathroom Needs
  • I Can Wash My Face and Comb My Hair
  • I Can Brush My Teeth
  • I Can Dress Myself (Buttons and Zippers)
  • I Work Hard to Not Spread Germs

How Do I Behave Around Others?

  • I Use Utensils Correctly
  • I Remember to Say Please, Thank You, and You’re Welcome
  • I Act Appropriately at the Table
  • I Act Properly in Public
  • I Help Keep People Safe in My Home
  • I Know How to Be Safe When I Play Outside
  • I Can Be Safe When I Go for a Walk
  • I Can Be Safe When I Ride My Bicycle

I Can Be Safe When I Go Places

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