Middle School Math

Lindsay Perro

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middleschool_math_may2This month you are going to discover probability! You will learn about independent events, dependent events, compound probabilities, and simulations.

Probability is everywhere in “the real world,” from weather patterns, to predicting the success of businesses. Understanding the different types of probabilities will help you become more confident at making predictions in any area of life!

My goal is to have you be able to perform basic simulations and determine probabilities of any kind of event. Just because a penny has two sides, it doesn’t mean you will always land on tails 50% of the time!

Happy May!


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L PerroI’m a wife, mom, and teacher. I love creating fun materials for the classroom that guide teachers away from the textbook! 

After spending eight years as a classroom teacher and Middle School Math Intervention Teacher, I am currently on a parental leave of absence, spending more time with my children and husband. While I’m not “in” the classroom, I’m working from home as an independent curriculum and resource designer, creating lessons and activities that I sell online. The success of my resources was the wonderful gift that has allowed me to step out of the classroom for a year or more!

I have a BS in Elementary Education (K-8) with a Minor in History. I am highly qualified to teach Middle School Mathematics.