Best Online Social Studies Curriculum

online social studies curriculum

We love our online social studies curriculum at, and we know you will too. Here are just a few of the reasons you should give us a try.

Great Ways to Learn About World Cultures

From learning about the lives of Ancient Citizens in Ancient Civilizations to taking a tour of every country in today’s world, students can learn about life in places and times vastly different from their own.

More Than Social Studies

On, you’ll find tons of great social studies courses for kids of all ages. Elementary students can learn All About Careers or study Foods and Food Production. They can enjoy Exploring Social Studies for Beginners with fun hands-on projects, and they can go Stepping Through History: Starting with You, a unique history course that travels back in time beginning with your child’s life. Students can even enjoy a Mock Trial course and learn about the law in an engaging and fun way.

Citizenship and Government Courses

Do your students know what it means to practice good citizenship? Do they know what rights come with citizenship? The citizenship courses on are all part of our online social studies curriculum, and they help students learn about citizenship in the United States. They also help students learn about citizenship in other countries and the opportunities and challenges presented by living in a global age.

Plus, they can study American Government, learn about Checks and Balances, and explore the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Economics Courses for All Grades

Do your young students understand the difference between a want and a need? Do your older students understand what makes a free market “free” and how things such as supply and demand work? Our online social studies curriculum includes courses for first grade through twelfth and even includes themes such as pirate economics!

Students can learn why currency is designed the way it is, how the look of currency has changed over time, how exchange rates affect travel, how economies are connected in a global age, and why people barter and trade. There are lessons on natural monopolies, time preference, the process of production, equilibrium, entrepreneurs and economic growth, and much more.

One Fee Serves the Whole Family

You only need one membership to for all your kids. There are no per-child fees, and all the courses are included. Students can take as many courses as they want, any time they want. Because it’s all available online, 24/7, you set the schedule that works best for you. And when you need to take a break, you are free to do that. You keep your schedule your way. We’ll be here when you need us.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you haven’t already tried, come give us a try! We know you’ll love our online social studies curriculum plus more than 400 courses in subject areas including art, Bible, computers and technology, drama and speech, foreign language, health and fitness, history, geography, language arts, math, music, physical education, science, and more. Come explore today!