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“I like that multiple kids in multiple grade levels can participate at the same time. It saves us so much time and the lessons are rich and leave plenty of room for independent research.”

-Katie Gilstrap, Bonney Lake, WA

“I have to tell you that we LOVE SchoolhouseTeachers! I have four students this year, and we are currently using six SchoolhouseTeachers classes (and planning to use more). My children loved being able to choose their classes, and they’re enjoying the classes they chose. Our favorite class is Children’s Literature for Life; all four children (fifth – eleventh grade) are doing it together. I also really appreciate the content for special learners and have learned a lot about how to help my dyslexic son. Thanks for all you are doing!”

– Carisa Webb, Toccoa, Ga.

“The best thing about is that I have options for classes to teach all 3 of my kids (aged 5-11) in all subjects….so, no running around doing math with curriculum/site A and science on site/curriculum B and literature somewhere else entirely… “

– Catherine Schrader

“I love that there are so many choices…this really stream-lines my planning of our days! Thank you!”

– Erin L Johnson

“I love the amount and variety of classes offered!”

– Jennifer Perry

“The variety of class subjects and levels. I even found a few courses I want to take myself by going through these scavenger hunts!”

– Destiny Leahy

“By far, our FAVORITE feature of is the amazing abundance and diversity of classes and lessons offered! From Computer Science classes for my no-nonsense middler to Ditch the Desk for my more “adventurous” learners, there IS something for everyone! Spanish? Si! Geography? That’s where it’s at! We’ve actually had to limit the classes our kids are ALLOWED to take, really; we’re ALL for the love of learning…but there has to be SOME time for prayer, play, and work 😉 Can I just say that THIS is the FIRST year we are COMPLETELY curriculum-free and we are ALL more excited about learning than ever. Thank you so much for all the hard work, long hours, and immense dedication it takes to make this available to us. God be PRAISED for sharing His vision for our family’s education through! . . . I have to say, THIS is the kind of sibling arguing I can get behind 😉 My husband told them this morning, while tightening up our schedule, that maybe we should just HS 24/7 so we can fit in all the courses they want to take!”

– Holly Petrinec

“My favorite thing about this site is the sheer quantity of excellent classes, many from homeschooling heroes you can meet at convention!”

– Susan Foster

“The idea that for under $150 one child could learn guitar and another could learn violin . . . oh and everyone can take an intro course to French and Spanish . . . And I don’t even have to pack the diaper bag up and drag the baby out to lessons because we can do this all from home? Um… YES PLEASE!”

-Alina Joy Dubois, Texas,

“We joined about a month ago and I am so glad we did!! It has made my life so much easier!”

– Krystal Carrasco, homeschooling mom of 4

“I just signed up for our first initial month. After four years with an online public school format, last year with a different free study guide, this is like getting on the Pacific Coast Highway in a Mustang with a tank full of gas, top down. Wow! I am relieved, impressed, and there is no imaginary anvil over my head of “Dear God, don’t let me make my child fall far behind.” Thank you, I have been praying [about] a curriculum decision for a year now.”

– Carrie Foster, Tolleson, AZ

“We LOVE Schoolhouse Teachers. I talked about it so much at my evaluation and had so many different Schoolhouse Teachers’ subjects that we used strewn throughout the kids’ portfolios that my evaluator wrote down the internet address so she could check it out for her kids. We use it a ton for my high schooler and middle schooler and have thoroughly enjoyed it.

– M. Perfetto, Mohnton, PA

“You have such a great website; it really is a treasure trove of learning. Thank you!

– Julie McLaws, Buckeye, AZ

“I’m really enjoying the various resources, articles, etc., and the HUGE variety of topics that offers! What a great help it has been to our family.”

– Adriana V., Greenville, SC

“I have been a subscriber to your magazine for a long time now. It is the only magazine I subscribe to and recommend. I love that its content is so unabashedly bold for Christ. You are to be commended for that. Only just this past week have I seriously checked into the content of the SchoolhouseTeachers site. Oh, I checked it out in the beginning, but there was not anything that truly caught my attention then. May I just say wow?! I really wasn’t thrilled when I learned that The Old Schoolhouse Magazine was going to be an online/digital only gig. Not sure I’m totally sold on it yet, but you are clearly able to offer WAY more content with this format.

As a mother called by the Lord to homeschool my children, I want to sincerely thank you for the wealth of information and encouragement you have provided our family and countless others. Such a blessing. I know without a doubt that I would not be as confident, nor effective, at homeschooling if it weren’t for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

We will keep you in our prayers as you continue this bold journey the Lord has you on.”

– Janelle Chille, Mason City, IA

“This is SO worth the one-year (membership fee). I’ve been a member since it began and have used it extensively for my 8th grade daughter.”

– Leisa Hydock, Juneau, AK

“My daughter asked last night to learn French. I almost groaned out loud as that was one of my least successful subjects in high school. This information and especially finding out that there are French lessons on Schoolhouse teachers was so encouraging. Thank you so much for all of your homeschool help. Blessings to you and your family.”

– Jennifer Miller, Greensburg, LA

“I am so happy with my subscription, you have such a wonderful program here! I have to translate it all but I sure have fun working through all the material. Thank you all for this fantastic work you are doing!”

– member, Netherlands

“I am totally loving! Every month there’s something new . . .”

– Diana Harper, Dallas, TX

“I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful site. I think you have done wonderful and I am enjoying using your site. Keep up the great work.”

– Shannon McElfresh, Lexington, KY

“It is hard to do a resource like this justice.

Quite honestly, I think I may have found my new core curriculum for next year. I had settled on something else, but with the convenience of point and click, and the incredible price (only $5.95 US per month-and the first month is just $1), I think I may be switching my curriculum choice for next year.”

– Carey Clark, TOS Review Crew Member, China

“My love for Schoolhouse Teachers was pretty solid. Now you went and added a daily checklist for each level. I’m so over the moon about this I can’t even begin to tell you. LOVE IT!!!! Thank you!!!!”

– Lisa Berry, Jay, ME

“My family is enjoying the and it is very affordable for the amount of info I use. I like that I can point, click, teach! It makes my job so much easier! God Bless!”

– Esther Putman, Owosso, MI

“I absolutely LOVE the site. I can’t believe how much you’ve jam-packed into it, and it’s all high quality. I feel so blessed! . . . Always something new and such substantial and edifying material.”

– Nanci Smith, Graham, WA

“I’m really enjoying the site and the TON of amazing resources. We just revamped our homeschool schedule/curriculum to be able to take advantage of things like this. Schoolhouse Teachers came around at just the right time for us . . . Schoolhouse Teachers isn’t just for kiddos . . . Mom’s going to take guitar lessons, too!”

– Christine Randles, Cedar Springs, MI

“The [Everyday] Explorers series is so easy to use, fun, and easy to encompass so much of what we need and want to teach.”

– Jen Daniels, Bemidji, MN

“I am a schoolhouse teachers subscriber and LOVE the new site. . . . At first I was skeptical because I LOVED the print magazine, but you have done an awesome job with the site. I am receiving membership free now until my magazine subscription runs out, but definitely will be renewing when the time comes. . . . 

Thanks for all the your hard work, which makes less work for me as a homeschooling mom. . . .” 

– Margaret Parenteau, Chandler, AZ

“Seriously, with all the extras on (the site), one could spend an entire school day learning history, science, geography, etc!!”

– Victoria McCracken, NY

“Pretty soon I realized that we could use just the materials from and cover our entire homeschool needs!  It’s like buying a full year of curriculum in history, writing, geography, art, music, reading, grammar, chemistry, home economics, high school math, lapbooking, and even technology.”

Amy Blevins, TOS Review Crew Member, Los Angeles, CA

“We visit the site regularly. Your resources really make our homeschool a whole lot of fun. Thank you for making my task as homeschooling mom easier. I know you will be part of our lives for a looooong time yet!!!”

– Celeste Williams, Cape Town, South Africa

“I am LOVING! If you don’t have it, get it! It has simplified my homeschooling so much! Thank you for doing this, The Old Schoolhouse!”

– Malissa Van Zee, Pleasant Hill, IA

“I love the new Looking forward to even more new things!”

Betty Daley, Fredericktown, OH

“I was instantly impressed with the fresh, clean look of the website and its ease of use and amazed at the quantity of resources available to me. I was a little overwhelmed as it was much more than I had imagined. . . . It’s like having someone do all the hard work for you and is well worth the monthly subscription fee!”

– Nicolene Houghton, Derbyshire, U.K.

“I love the service! Between the planners and the wonderful daily lesson plans, it has made my springtime homeschooling much better.”

– Leanne McNamee, Silver Spring, MD

“What can I say but – WOW !!! I am totally enthralled by the new site.”

– Carol Emmert, Anderson, IN

“Wow! What a great resource for homeschoolers! Where we are personally with our homeschooling journey, I have found many things relevant, helpful, and interesting on I especially love the Home Economics posts (Malia Russell is a favorite blogger of mine already!) because they’re practical things that I can use to make my house more organized so I have more time to spend with the kids. I also really appreciate the Pre-K activities as I am always looking for new ideas to keep my younger children busy. I’m the type of person that prefers having everything “spelled out” to me (as opposed to creating my own curriculum or lessons), so I like that there’s many ideas on the site that are easy to understand, don’t cost a fortune to implement, and don’t take a huge amount of prep work. . . . I look forward to checking out the new content as it comes up and using this great tool as a way to better organize and plan my homeschooling days.”

– Stephanie Bergsma, Beachburg, Ontario, Canada

“I’ve purchased the planners from TOS and they absolutely ROCK, so when I found out that the membership included the planners, all I could think of was ‘I hit the jackpot!!!’ Along with all the other incredible items that come with the membership, absolute wow.”

– Laura Castillo, Washington, MI

“I’m so excited about what you all are doing with []! It is a Godsend and full of the best articles! What a resource for homeschoolers. So, please cancel the monthly subscription. I will order the full year (and receive the great freebies!).”

– Ann Goff, Huntsville, AL

“I have had a chance to look around and I’m overwhelmed with all the choices. It’s amazing to me the knowledge and godly wisdom so many of your writers have at such a young age! Humbling, too. I’m so grateful for those who can put things into words for the rest of us to dwell on. Your ministry is so profound, influencing lives for generations!”

– Dawn Keplinger, Harrisonburg, VA

“I have had fun finding all sorts of things to “play” with my children!  Everyone involved with this project is so talented and generous!”

– Elizabeth Hicks, Midland, TX

“Am I allowed to copy the Welcome page and post it to my Facebook account? It has so much more info in it that I think my homeschool moms would love to know! I am way too excited. I am definitely pinning the new site to Pinterest! Got to get the word out!”

– Loria W. 

“I CANNOT believe anyone who is homeschooling would not be a member! It should be a requirement for homeschooling!”

– Lori Scheele, Fort Wayne, IN

“In a 2009 report based on 50 independent studies, the U.S. Department of Education found that students who studied in online learning environments performed modestly better than peers who were receiving face-to-face instruction. “~ Mashable

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