Fun with Science -

Fun with Science

Length: 18 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 1st – 2nd Grades
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How to Use This Course

Fun with Science is a great way to introduce your younger elementary students to basic life science, earth science, and physical science concepts. From body systems to volcanoes, the five senses to the states of matter, students can discover amazing facts about God’s creation. Lots of printable worksheets and hands-on activities are included.

Course Introduction

What are the parts of the eye, and how can you tell which eye is dominant? How do taste buds work, and why are they important? What are the functions of the skeletal, digestive, circulatory, respiratory, muscular, and nervous systems? These are a few of the life science topics explored in Fun with Science. This course also looks at volcanoes, temperature, states of matter, basic types of energy, and more. Simple vocabulary for each topic is learned, and plenty of hands-on activities are included to help your students enjoy and remember all that they are learning about themselves and the world around them. Each week also includes a suggested book list for learning even more, though these books are not required.

  • Week One: Body Systems and Their Roles/Senses
  • Week Two: Skeletal System
  • Week Three: Digestive System
  • Week Four: Circulatory System
  • Week Five: Respiratory System
  • Week Six: Muscular System
  • Week Seven: Nervous System
  • Week Eight: Review of Body Systems and Their Roles
  • Week Nine: Parts of a Volcano and How It Works
  • Week Ten: Temperature and Ways to Measure It
  • Week Eleven: States of Matter, Mixtures, Sinking, and Floating
  • Week Twelve: Energy: Heat, Light, Transparent, and Opaque
  • Week Thirteen: Energy: Reflection, Refraction, Sound, and Vibration
  • Week Fourteen: Astronomy: Sun, Moon, and Earth
  • Week Fifteen: Astronomy: Rotate, Revolve, Days, Nights, and Years
  • Week Sixteen: Astronomy: Planets
  • Week Seventeen: Electricity, Static Electricity, Magnetic, and Non-magnetic
  • Week Eighteen: States of Matter

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