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guitar_end2Are your children interested in learning how to play the guitar? They can join recording artist Jerry Jennings as he leads students through an introductory course that will enable them to play simple pieces by the time they are finished. He teaches the fundamentals of the guitar such as the individual parts and tuning, basic chords, the minor and major pentatonic scales, strumming, and picking. As the course progresses, he provides lessons that focus on more advanced topics such as blues riffs, triads, bar chords, and using capos. Through the use of videos, diagrams, and downloadable pages from his own books, your child is sure to develop a love for the guitar that will, hopefully, fuel a desire to build upon the basics.

A personal note from Jerry Jennings:

As you work through these lessons, I’m hoping you find it enjoyable. And most of all, I’m hoping that you receive the tools to continue playing. The biggest thrill for me is to find that one of my students becomes a performer or recording artist. Get a vision. Shoot high! Listen to a lot of music and try to learn it. Jam with friends. And feel free to do all the reviewing you need on our existing lessons.



Course Outline

Unit 1

Week 1 – Familiarize Yourself with the Guitar, Chords (G and D)

Week 2 – Chords (A Minor and C)

Week 3 – Natural Notes on the Neck

Week 4 – F Chord

Unit 2

Week 1 – New Chord, E minor

Week 2 – Minor Pentatonic Scale

Week 3 – New Strum Pattern

Week 4 – A Chord, Pick-Strum Pattern

Unit 3

Week 1 – Review Minor Pentatonic Scale

Week 2 – Julia’s Song

Unit 4

Week 1 – Lesson for Sunny Side Up

Week 2 – Construction of a Major Scale

Week 3 – Power Chords

Week 4 – Playing on Upbeats

Unit 5

Week 1 – Return of the Pentatonic

Week 2 – 12 Bar Blues

Week 3 – Introducing Scales and Triads

Week 4 – Major Scale

Unit 6

Week 1 – Triads Continued

Week 2 – Blues Riff  in G

Week 3 – The Pentatonic Scale

Unit 7

Week 1 – Writing a Song with Chords in the Key of C

Week 2 – Shuffle, E Blues

Week 3 – Using Capos—Super Fun Device

Week 4 – E Blues Strum Pattern

Unit 8

Week 1 – Bar Chords

Week 2 – Diagonal Shape for the Minor Pentatonic

Week 3 – Major Pentatonic

For a printable course outline, click here.

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Jerry Jennings is a recording artist, performer, teacher, and the author of five instructional books. He has taught private lessons, group lessons, and workshops since 1987. Jerry’s passion in life is making the best possible music and empowering others to do the same. His education includes an Associated Arts degree in music at American River College and additional composition courses at Cal State University-Sacramento.

Jerry and his wife Jane have been homeschooling their daughter Julia for seven years. In the nineties, Jerry began playing in churches, which led his family into a Christian life. There is a tightrope to walk in teaching young people to “rock out” while not leading them down the wrong path, but Jerry makes it work.