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Provided by Michelle Miller, author of Truth Quest History and founder of the Children’s Preservation Library, the monthly book lists on provide a highly detailed printable list of books for your family to consider reading. The list is broken down by genre: science, math, art, history, and more, and also broken down by age. There are options for all ages in the areas of fiction and non-fiction. Each month has a main topic that each book relates to, such as snow, architecture, Florida, Africa, travel, gardening, and much more. There are over two dozen monthly reading lists on the site, with more to come in future months. Print a list and visit the library. Then, enjoy reading time both individually and as a family.

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“Good prose is like a window pane.”

George Orwell said those words in 1946 in his work titled Why I Write. We read books today for a chance to look through that window pane, into the worlds of imagination and wonder and inspiration.

You can also use books to look into the worlds of oceanography, meteorology, and chemistry. Or take a closer look at the lives of great composers, the science of music, and the spiritual lives of men and women throughout history. You can let them share with you the stories of heroism and perseverance, faith and strength, daring and brilliance of the men, women, and children who fought and struggled to endure during World War II.

But with so many books to choose from, how do you know where to begin? Each month, I’ll bring you a list of my top choices on a different theme, with a recommended reading level for each title. I’ll share my favorite authors, series, and books while we explore museums and zoos, photography and inventors, art and art history, and more!

And each month, you’ll be able to print my list to take to your nearest library or used book sale!

So, let’s get busy and start exploring the world through the pages of a good book! Enjoy!


Detailed printable monthly reading lists explore various topics; each list is broken down by subject and includes a suggested grade level for each book


More than two dozen reading lists are currently available; a new list posts each month


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MichelleMillerMichelle has always loved books. From teaching herself to read at a very young age and making her baby sister “patronize” her childhood library, to now owning 25,000 living books, Michelle has discovered that modern public libraries seldom offer children the best. Thus, she founded a private library (, lending her living book treasure to families in her area. She enjoys helping others around the country do the same, and offers customized book-recommendation services to individual families, as well as access to her massive living-books database (

Michelle has also written an award-winning, spiritually probing curriculum, TruthQuest History, a Cathy Duffy “Top Pick” ( Naturally, it harnesses the incredible potency of living books. She homeschooled her four children for 24 years, and now serves as a columnist, speaker, consultant…and grandmother to seven cute boys.  Michelle graduated summa cum laude from the University of Alabama. (For information on starting a library in your area: