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Art Appreciation: South African Art

Length: 18 weekly lessons
Includes: Weekly downloadable lessons including text and images to study
Age/Grade: Elementary-middle school

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How to Use This Course

This art appreciation course focuses on eighteen South African artists from the 19th-21st centuries. It begins by asking, “How do we look at art?” then goes on to explore the language and elements of art such as line, shape, mass, light, shade, space, texture, and color, as well as aspects of composition such as rhythm, focal points, and balance. These lessons can be completed in any order. Students may wish to study the entire eighteen lessons or pick and choose artists and styles that interest them most. Individual lesson downloads as well as a course download are available. The course is designed for ages 6-12 but may also be enjoyed by older students who are looking for an introduction to art appreciation.

Course Introduction

We start by asking simple questions like: Who is the artist? When and where did he or she live and create the artwork? What is the subject matter? and What is the medium? Having the basics, we can move on to analyze the work itself according to the art appreciation vocabulary. What then is the language or elements of art? Join us on a journey to discover the answer!

Weekly downloadable lessons including text and images to study.

  • Art Appreciation Lesson 1 – Walter Battiss
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 2 – Esther Mahlangu
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 3 – William Kentridge
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 4 – Cecil Skotnes
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 5 – Maggie Laubser
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 6 – Vetkat Kruiper and Joao Dikuanga
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 7 – Hanneke Benade
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 8 – Willie Bester
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 9 – Jan Van Der Merwe
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 10 – Irma Stern
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 11 – Helen Martins
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 12 – Roger Ballen
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 13 – Strijdom Van Der Merwe
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 14 – Sibonelo Chiliza
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 15 – Zakkie Eloff
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 16 – J.H. Pierneef
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 17 – Bonnie Ntshalintshali
  • Art Appreciation Lesson 18 – Gerard Sekoto

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