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January through May 2014 Lessons

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This is Month 9 of Spanish at! Remember, you can go back and review any of the previous 30 lessons, which include 15 videos, at any time. This is our final month of this nine-month course!

And, you can start this course at any time. All lessons are archived here at the site.

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spanish_mayWelcome to our Elementary Spanish class! I am so glad you have decided to begin your language-learning journey with me. Here are a few things you need to know:

Each lesson will be delivered in two-week cycles. Each two-week period starts with a Video Lesson the first week, followed by an On-Your-Own Review Lesson (“Homework”) the following week. Both of these have corresponding handouts to download. We will rotate between Video Lessons and the On-Your-Own Homework throughout the year.

It’s probably a good idea to have a small notebook to keep all the handouts together!

For the month of May 2014: Lesson 31 has video and a worksheet (we’ll study days, weather, seasons, Spanish conversations, and more) and runs May 1-9. This is followed by Lesson 32, an On-Your-Own Review of this material for the week of May 12. Then we’ll have our final video-based lesson (with worksheet), Lesson 33 (posted May 19); followed by Lesson 34, an important review for the course (May 27-31). This will end our nine months of lessons and a full year of Elementary Spanish!

A parent should follow along with the student as he/she watches the Video Lessons. This will allow parents to help with the On-Your-Own Homework the following week.

And one more thing—the questions on the Homework handout come straight from the Video Lesson. You can refer to the Video Lesson to correct your Homework!

Blessings, and enjoy our course!

Carol Henderson

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Carol5Carol Henderson loves to teach and is very thankful for the privilege of homeschooling her five children for the past 20 years. Carol teaches Elementary Spanish, Hands-On History, and Geography & World Cultures in a large homeschool co-op in her hometown. She also authors and maintains the award-winning website,, which helps both homeschool moms and traditional teachers find the best books, crafts, maps, and other activities for teaching hands-on history.