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April 2014: John Milton and Sonnet VII


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Happy Spring, and welcome to a new month! April is National Poetry Month, as celebrated by the Academy of American Poets.

This month, at least partly in celebration of that, we’ll be working with a Petrachan Sonnet (or Italian Sonnet) by John Milton. You’ll learn a bit about the poetic form, as well as about Milton.

Inside are four weekly lessons, the sonnet itself, and more on the text source.

You’ll have the opportunity to write a sonnet on the subject of your choice. I hope you’ll find it a creative challenge!


Mrs. Campbell

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Janice Campbell is a writer, conference speaker, and lifelong learner with an abiding love for classic literature. She graduated with honors from Mary Baldwin College (an English major, of course!) and is author of the Excellence in Literature curriculum for grades 8-12, Transcripts Made Easy, Get a Jump Start on College, and other resources. She is also Director of the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (www.NAIWE.com). In every facet of her business life—writing, speaking, and NAIWE—Janice’s goal is to share knowledge and resources that can help ordinary people do extraordinary things.  You can find her online at www.Everyday-Education.com and www.Janice-Campbell.com, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

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This course is designed to provide a strong literature-based writing component to your student’s studies. It is worth 1/2 a unit (0.5 academic credit) if done alone.

If you plan to use it as part of a full English unit, you will need to add these items:

• Four or more full-length works of classic literature

• A solid roots-based vocabulary program such as Dynamic Literacy’s Word Build

• An 8-15 page research paper on the topic of your choice (this can be on a history topic, or a study of an author’s life and work, for example)

- Janice Campbell

* Please be informed of your own state’s academic requirements. http://schoolhouseconnect.com/state-homeschool-laws/

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