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Courses Taught by The Old Schoolhouse:

In All About Careers, students have the opportunity for an in-depth study of eleven careers in various fields. Through fun activities, text, projects, and the experiences of professionals shared in the text, students can get a glimpse of possible career choices and ideas for many more to investigate.

Bold Explorers looks at the lives of more than thirty explorers and is divided into thirty-five short readings. Most sections include a writing or research prompt for further study; a few include hyperlinks for more information or a hands-on activity. Several well-known explorers are discussed as well as dozens of lesser-known explorers.

Checks and Balances is a four-week mini-course that studies the responsibilities of a government and its citizens. Students will enjoy learning about the branches of government, the Electoral College, and more through text, activities, puzzles, and copywork.

Curious Science is a series of eighteen unit studies designed for elementary students. The majority of the work is perfect for students in 3rd-4th grade. Each unit also includes some activities for younger and older students as well. Through studies of pufferfish, slime eels, dung beetles, fire ants, quicksand, and more, students will get to explore language arts, math, science, art, Bible, and history. Each unit study is divided into twenty daily segments but can be adjusted to meet your family’s schedule.

Help Me Get Organized: This collection of five eBooks shares tips for how to get organized, stories of what has worked for other families, suggestions for how to make the best of the materials you have available, and how to do it all on a budget. Whether you are struggling with day-to-day chaos or just trying to find the pencil sharpener, this collection has help and encouragement for you.

Help Me Stay the Course: What in the world are we homeschooling for anyway? Are you at your wits’ end with frustration over a particularly rebellious child? Have you ever had days when your 8-year-old doesn’t “get” the math problem you’ve just explained three times? Do you sometimes forget that with prayer we can be at peace during these times and that we can walk through it all in victory? This collection of fifteen eBooks shares the hearts of homeschool moms much like you and offers prayers, encouragement, wisdom, and the precious reminder that you are not alone.

Help Me Teach My Student to Write: Shouldn’t writing be fun? Does your child hate to write? Can he weave a beautiful story verbally but come up empty when asked to put one on paper? This series of eBooks shares insight into practical ways to nullify some of the problems reluctant writers face, overcome writers block, and start enjoying writing.

History of Holidays in America is an introductory survey of the historical and social background of American holidays. It introduces American legal holidays as well as other holidays, celebrations, and commemorations. Each chapter includes vocabulary words related to that holiday, the background of the holiday or celebration, and information about how people honor the day. Links to coloring pages and copywork for younger students are also included. You can use this course to study upcoming holidays, to focus on social studies and study holiday traditions, or to study the history of the holidays discussed or create a timeline of when holidays were first celebrated and formally adopted as holidays.

Homeschool Dads: Leading the Charge: Dad, are you the primary homeschool teacher? Are you looking for ways to help your wife with the homeschooling load? If so, this collection of articles is for you. We’ve assembled the best articles for homeschool dads from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine to encourage you along the way. Learn new ways to be a blessing to your family and impart wisdom to your children as you take this homeschooling journey together.

Stewardship of God’s Earth is designed to introduce students of all ages to some of the basics of being good stewards of our natural resources. Topics such as compost, earthworms, repurposing, recycling, and personal stewardship are discussed.

Wonders of the World is a five-week mini-course that takes a closer look at the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Students will enjoy learning about the history of these wonders through text, activities, puzzles, copywork, and more.

Wondrous Weather explores the science of weather conditions, the tools of meteorologists, methods of weather observation, and methods of weather forecasting. The class includes hands-on experiments, printable worksheets, and projects.

Wonderful World of Bugs is divided into four units that explore why we should study bugs, what exactly is a bug, the lifecycles of butterflies and moths, and the practice of nature journaling. It includes hands-on assignments and also written assignments for families who choose not to bring nature indoors!