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Dear students & parents,

It has been a delight providing weekly French lessons for

For this last week, you will review the last 8 lessons that you did in March & April.

Bonne révision!

We hope you have enjoyed the lessons and we look forward to seeing you on Schoolhouse Teachers in the Fall.

Au revoir et à bientôt!

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Now, let’s learn more of this beautiful language—go to the weekly lessons!

Download Module 2 Outline

There are a few things your computer needs in order to open and use the lesson, once downloaded. First you will need Adobe Reader 9 or 10. Second, if you are using a Windows-based computer you may need QuickTime for Windows. This is explained in Getting Started below.

Have a wonderful homeschool year and Bonne Chance! as you start your French lessons!

Monsieur Shone

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Getting Started:

IMPORTANT: If you are using a PC with windows and are using Adobe Reader v. 10 (X) you will also need to download QuickTime for Windows. If you don’t already have it, you can download it at Without QT you will be unable to hear the audio. If you already have QuickTime installed you will need to update it to version 7.7.Go to: If you already have Adobe Reader v. 9, then everything should work just fine.

If you have a Mac computer, then everything should work fine in Adobe Reader 9 and 10. (Some problems were reported with Mac users and v. 9.5. If you have upgraded recently to this version, you will need to install version X.)

One last note: The first time you click a word or phrase, your Acrobat Reader will open a dialogue box that will ask you if you want to trust the document. You must allow your reader to trust the file or you will not be able to hear the audio.

Greg Shone holds a BA History, a BA French, and is a certified teacher. He started his teaching career as a French teacher in both public and Christian schools and later combined his love for History and French by teaching French and Social Studies in a French immersion school. His relationship with the homeschool community began in 1994 as a private French tutor and culminated in August 2012 with the launch of French Essentials, a downloadable French program for the homeschool. He and his wife, also a teacher and coauthor of French Essentials, have two children and have live in beautiful, historic Quebec City.


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