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1/5/18: HISTORY announcement! Our popular This Day in History has a new look and tons of new content! We’ve debuted it today and will continue to roll out content throughout the month. Take a peek! It will contain more than 4,000 resources for helping you explore nearly 600 history facts and work a little history into your day!

1/4/18: THREE new classes are available today – Exploring the World of Art, Home-Based Business, and On the Homestead. Find all the links on the Quick Links page!

1/3/18: BIG Announcement – we’ll be adding announcements the rest of this week, but we’re ready to unveil five new features. ALL of Molly Green’s digital content has now been added to your membership. You can find back issues, canning and gardening planners, ebooks on homesteading, and tons more. PLUS we have a new vegan and gluten free section in This Month’s Menu, hundreds of new resources in our Literacy Center, our Daily Writing prompts arranged into a library of more than 1,500 prompts for elementary-high school, AND a new Parent eBook Library with more than 50 titles available for you to download and enjoy! Watch for more news this week!

11/29/17: We’re excited to share FOUR more new classes with you today! Check out LibreOffice Basics, Creative Composition, Discovering Poetic Elements, and Building a Foundation with Kindergarten Math on the Quick Links page!

11/13/17: You have access to FOUR more new classes! Discovering Art History, Daily Grammar: 2nd Grade, Hands-On Design Fun, and Lapbooking Through Science. Links can be found on the Quick Links page.

10/25/17: Two more new classes! Check out Friendly Anatomy and Exploring Citizenship in First Grade. This brings the total number of courses you can choose from to 355! Links can be found on the Quick Links page.

Save the date! November 16, 2017 – Homeschooling the Rebel webinar with Senior Editor and Director of Production Deborah Wuehler. Watch for details and instructions to sign up!

10/10/17: Thanks to Pip Reid and her amazing team, we now have the story of Samson in our Bible Adventures class!

10/9/17: We have TWO new courses for you, Fun with Cooking and Science Experiments with World Book, which brings the total number of classes you have available at your fingertips to 351! Links can be found on the Quick Links page.

10/6/17: We have THREE new lesson plans posted for you – Statistics, Little Language Arts, and Studio Art for Teens. What classes are you having trouble scheduling? What lesson plans would you like to see next? Email us and let us know!

9/28/17: We have FOUR new lesson plans posted for you – Guitar, Understanding Ancient History, Bug Science, and Asia: Trade Route Safari. What classes are you having trouble scheduling? What lesson plans would you like to see next? Email us and let us know!

9/27/17: Only once every 500 years! This October 31 is the 500th anniversary of Reformation Day. Check out the Holiday and Seasonal Resource Center for a roundup of all the great resources we have to help your family study this important event – including a three-hour video documentary with an extensive study guide!

9/11/17: We have another new class for you today – and a fun story about how it came to be! Marine Biology is now available, and it’s thanks to one of you. One of our members knows the teacher and told her she should contact us. As it turns out, it’s a class many of you have requested in the past. So the moral of the story is – if you know someone who should be part of our site, tell them to reach out to us! You never know what might happen. They can reach me anytime at We hope you enjoy Marine Biology!

9/6/17: We have three more NEW classes to share with you today! Our brand new US history course for high school – US History: Exploration to the Present Day – plus two new literature courses – Elements of Literature (7th-9th grade) and American Literature in Historical Context (9th-11th grade) – are now available and ready for you! Links are on the Quick Links page.

Upcoming Classes:

  • We are ALWAYS working on new classes. If there’s a class you need that you don’t see on the site, please send us a note and ask if it’s coming soon. If you have a class suggestion, or if you or someone you know would be interested in designing lessons for our site in exchange for a free site membership for your family (and free advertising when applicable), please let us know! You can reach us at for more information.

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