Little Language Arts -

Little Language Arts

Length:  35 weeks
Content-type: Text-based
Age/Grade: 2nd – 4th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Little Language Arts covers a wide range of language arts and writing topics for grades 2-4. Weekly lessons will be given to include teaching strategies, printables, literature suggestions, and websites related to the topic. Generally, each unit of four weekly lessons will be centered on a theme and include a project designed to last the duration of the unit to extend learning.

Course Introduction

Welcome! This course will cover various literary genres including poetry, mystery, and biography and will look at topics including alliteration and the elements of poetry, haiku and diamante; cause and effect; visualization; nonfiction; autobiography; and more.

Each class is made up of three lessons. Each lesson is presented in the following format:

  • Define It: vocabulary and definitions of the specific concept
  • Practice It: teaching tips, “think alouds,” and critical thinking questions
  • Resources: additional websites, books, and video resources
  • Create It: an independent activity

Unit 1: Poetry

  • Week 1: Elements of Poetry
  • Week 2: Poetry Scavenger Hunts
  • Week 3: Haiku
  • Week 4: Diamante
  • Week 5: Shape Poems, Limericks, and I Am Poems

Unit 2: Puzzling Pieces of Reading (Mystery)

  • Week 6: Cause and Effect
  • Week 7: Inference
  • Week 8: Visualizing
  • Week 9: Drawing Conclusions

Unit 3: Biography

  • Week 10: Nonfiction 101
  • Week 11: Note Taking
  • Week 12: 5 W’s
  • Week 13: Fact/Opinion
  • Week 14: Nouns and Pronouns
  • Week 15: Autobiography

Unit 4: Descriptive Writing

  • Week 16: Adjectives
  • Week 17: Adverbs
  • Week 18: Writing Descriptive Sentences
  • Week 19: Writing Descriptive Paragraphs

Unit 5: Parts of a Story

  • Week 20: Character
  • Week 21: Plot
  • Week 22: Summarizing
  • Week 23: Main Idea and Details
  • Week 24: Theme

Unit 6: Specific Word Choice

  • Week 25: Synonyms
  • Week 26: Antonyms
  • Week 27: Onomatopoeia

Unit 7: Special Words

  • Week 28: Homophones
  • Week 29: Contractions
  • Week 30: Compound Words
  • Week 31: Interjections

Unit 8: Reference Books

  • Week 32: Using a Dictionary
  • Week 33: Using a Thesaurus
  • Week 34: Using an Almanac
  • Week 35: Using an Encyclopedia

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