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collegechoice_endDear parents,

I’ve talked with thousands of families through the years and I’ve found that few parents understand their roles when it comes to their kids and college. Whether your child wants to admit it or not, whether you went to college or not, your child looks to you to guide them.

I liken this process to riding a bike. You probably know how to ride a bike. You can get on another bike and feel confident that you can ride it . . . because you know how to ride a bike. Imagine you are riding your bike in the woods. You are going down the path and going around a corner. You aren’t worrying about the path because you know how to ride the bike. You are enjoying the ride, happily anticipating what’s around the corner.

This is the same concept as helping your child with their future. You are going to learn how to “ride the bike” together and will happily anticipate what’s around the corner with your child.

I have resources here to help you and your family discover this adventure together, regardless of the ages of your children. I have additional resources I invite you to check out on my website College Common Sense.

If you’re ready to get started, just click the link to my lessons below.

I hope I can help you understand this process better and that you enjoy this journey with your child!


Denise Ames

College Common Sense 

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My name is Denise Ames and I’ve been a Financial Aid counselor at a small private university in the Texas hill country for the last 10 years.  I’ve talked to thousands of families over the years and helped them through this process.  A student doesn’t have to feel they are totally dependent on the college to give them free money.  This is not rocket science – it’s just never explained in a clear, concise, easy to understand manner.  I explain the “Big Picture” and everyone’s responsibility so people can focus on what they can accomplish.  I started this business, College Common Sense ( as a way to reach more families to explain the processes I’ve developed over the years.  I would like to help you and your students too.