Lisa Duffy

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This 15-week course will provide an introduction to a number of informal fallacies encountered in everyday life. Recognizing and responding to this deceptive and faulty reasoning helps prepare students to communicate effectively and persuasively, while equipping them to avoid falling prey to deception.

Students will compile a Logic notebook and will be presented with examples of a new fallacy each week. Through a variety of activities divided into daily assignments, students will learn to analyze statements, questions, advertisements, and arguments, and to identify faulty reasoning contained in each. Students will study examples, learn definitions, and apply their new knowledge and understanding by finding examples in the world around them. A weekly quiz will assess their understanding.

Logic on Schoolhouse Teachers

Course Outline:

Week 1 – Introduction

Week 2 – Appeal to Pity

Week 3 – Appeal to Fear

Week 4 – Appeal to the People

Week 5 – Red Herrings

Week 6 – Ad Hominem

Week 7 – Tu Quoque

Week 8 – Snob Appeal

Week 9 – Appeal to Faulty Authority

Week 10 – Straw Man

Week 11 – Begging the Question

Week 12 – Appeal to Ignorance

Week 13 – Equivocation

Week 14 – Hasty Generalization

Week 15 – Quoting out of Context

For a printable course outline, click here.

Lisa Duffy has been serving the homeschool community as a teacher, mentor, and curriculum developer since she and her husband began their own homeschool journey 16 years ago. Lisa’s educational background includes a BA in Psychology, a JD in Law, and an M.Ed in Education. She worked in each of these professions before having children, and has used skills from each in her career as a homeschool mom. As a certified teacher, Lisa has taught in public, private, and church schools. She is known for her creative teaching style, engaging lessons, and her respect for students. In addition to teaching, Lisa enjoys volunteering, writing, storytelling, and sharing her love of learning.