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April and May: More photography themes and final projects


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Welcome to our April and May lessons!

I’m going to present many more themes in photography, some thought about stretching yourself in your work, and final projects. For April and May, let’s start with . . .

Food photography is, believe it or not, a fairly advanced photography theme. To make food look really good in a photograph, you need to know what you’re doing. Part of the reason to include it in our lessons is to stretch your photographic knowledge and to help you increase and improve your photography skills.

Another reason for a food photography lesson is it’s easily available! How many of you eat every day? How many of you actually thought of taking pictures of your food? After this week’s lesson, you may never look at your food the same again!

Learning some skills using food as our subject is going to help you in any type of still life images. When creating a still life, either to photograph or to draw or paint, you are setting up objects that are not moving and placing them in a way that looks pleasing to the eye. . . .

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Here is the schedule I’ll take us through for the final two months of this eight-month course:


• Food Photography

• Walking Around Photography

• Close-Up Photography

• Theme-Based Photography Ideas May

• Metering Modes and Picture Styles

• Stretching Your Mind


• Final Projects and Ideas to Further Explore Photography  on Your Own

November Photography Week 3 Image 5 SM

M PetersonMichele Peterson is a not-for-profit photographer who specializes in capturing the moment, preserving memories, and striving to bless others through pictures. What started out as an interest in learning how to take a better picture turned into a passion to get as much knowledge of photography as possible. This led to a position on the high school newspaper as a photographer, what Michele still calls “my all-time favorite class.”

After high school, while pursuing a degree in nursing, photography continued as a hobby, growing into a daily part of her life. A few years back, Michele began entering contests, and has won a number of awards. She continues to be a student of the art through various classes. Michele teaches her own children, enjoys learning from others in shared settings, and enjoys sharing her experiences. She desires to spark an interest in others to perhaps take up photography as a lifelong interest as well.

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This course is best taken as a one-half credit course. This is aligned with the HSLDA-based recommendation, for an elective class, to log 120 hours for a full credit, 60 for a half-credit. This course is geared to about 60 hours of work if all 30 weeks of lessons are taken and assignments are completed.

Suggested projects are optional, unless families choose to replace an assignment with a project, for any given lesson. Otherwise, you are free to pick and choose as many projects as you would like to complete the course.

- Michele Peterson

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