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Leadership 101

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Length: More than 15 hours of videos and 600+ study questions
Content-type: Video-based
Age/Grade: 9th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

What is a leader? What makes a leader great? What must every leader be constantly aware of if he or she desires to lead with excellence? Leadership 101 takes an in-depth look at leadership with over 15 hours of inspiring videos from some of today’s top leaders and hundreds of thought-provoking study questions.

Course Introduction

This course is made up of two parts which can be done in any order.

Part One:

The Difference Maker: It’s easy to believe that the best leaders make a lot of money and are powerful and famous. But what if leadership is about making a difference instead? Tony Bridwell looks into the powerful and practical principles of success, mentorship, leadership, courage, and transformation and urges leaders to embrace them for godly leadership.

What Leadership Game Are You Playing: As ministries and organizations grow, everything changes. And leadership teams that fail to recognize and adapt to those differences experience unnecessary conflict or stagnate. Larry Osborne uses the differences that an athlete needs to adapt to different sports to show the changes needed in a growing organization and how leaders and teams must react in order to continue to grow.

Self-Leadership: Great leadership starts with the person in the mirror. It’s nearly impossible to effectively lead others if you have trouble leading yourself. Steve Stroope unpacks what he sees as the essential qualities of self-leadership.

Love Works: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders: Treating someone with love regardless of how you feel about them is a great principle for families and friends, and it works equally well in the business environment. Joel Manby, President and CEO of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, recounts his own triumphs and failures and shares the lessons that have taught him to lead with love. Joel uses 1 Corinthians 13 to develop seven timeless principles for effective leaders.

Experience Life: Every day, the world screams at us, “You’re number one. Look out for yourself—your own comfort and happiness.” But that’s not what Jesus said. He told us to follow Him. And following Him means we’re not number one—Jesus is. In this video, pastor and author Pete Briscoe explores what it means to surrender to Jesus and the dynamic impact following Christ will have on our personal lives, our relationships and our service to others.

6 Facets of Faith at Work: As a Christian, we know what our faith is and what it’s supposed to do. But how do we actually use it in our lives? In this video, Donnie Smith, the President and CEO of Tyson Foods, Inc., provides some answers. He walks through his day and explains how he practices his faith in every aspect of his life. The Christian faith matters—at church, at home, and at work.

Mission Drift: All faith-based organizations—from non-profits, to churches, to educational institutions, even Christian-owned businesses—will, without careful attention, inevitably drift away from their founding purpose and mission. In this video, Peter Greer helps leaders recognize the well-worn path of mission drift, and choose instead to remain mission true.

Work as Worship: Leadership matters. The way you view yourself at work will set the tone for who you are as a leader in the workplace. In this video, Dave Ramsey will help any Christian business leader who wants to view their work as a form of worship.

5 Key Leadership Questions: Leading well requires periodic reflection on your leadership effectiveness and the health of your team. Bill Hybels talks about 5 key questions every leader must ask in order to lead well.

3 Tips for Building Trust and Credibility: If you want your organization or ministry to succeed, you need more than just passion. Charles Lee gives 3 practical tips for building trust and credibility in your organization or ministry.

3 Tips to See Your Goals Through: Setting goals is a very common practice in organizations and ministries, but accomplishing those goals can allude many. Charles Lee encourages goal setters to remain positive and keep working, even when we think we’ve failed.

Conflict: Manage the Elephant in the Room: There is a part of leadership that no one wants—facing conflict. But since leadership is all about people and relationships, conflict is inevitable. Sherry Surratt, President of MOPS, gives practical ways for dealing with conflict appropriately.

Developing Character: Character is a most important ingredient of leadership. And when our leadership skills outpace our character, trouble follows. Andy Wood explains how to guard against this imbalance.

How to Choose the Right People for Your Team: How do you determine if someone is the right fit for your team? In this session, Bill Hybels shares about the qualities he looks for in people who are going to join his team.

How to Get Your Team Moving in the Right Direction: What is the most effective way to lead a team? Bill Hybels discusses how to be an effective leader and get your team moving in the right direction.

Keep the Vision Alive: Have you ever cast a vision to your church or organization and have them respond enthusiastically at first but then, a few weeks later, forget that you even had a vision? Bill Hybels talks about how to keep your vision alive.

Do You Have Holy Discontent? Do you want to make a difference for God’s Kingdom but aren’t sure how to get started or what to do? Bill Hybels challenges you to take inventory of the things that really bother you, since that just might be the area in which God has called you to make a difference.

How to Endure the Days of Small Things: At one point or another, church leaders will find themselves discouraged because things are not moving as planned. Jack Graham challenges every minister and leader to trust the power of God to accomplish the goals they have set out to do and to continue to work within the days of small things.

Leadership That Makes a Difference: While there are many leadership styles and philosophies, there is one key that every leader must live out in order to be an effective influence for Christ. Francis Chan shares about being an effective leader.

There Is No “Middle Road”: Francis Chan speaks about the “Middle Road” and his belief that Biblically, there are only two roads: 1) The Narrow Road to follow Christ, 2) Everything Else.

Leading Is Not for Wimps: Leading others takes a lot of discipline, perseverance, and time! Claudia McGuire gives three things to do as you persevere in leadership.

Lead to the Strengths of Your Team: Most leaders are very aware of their own strengths. They use them every day. Not all leaders, however, understand or utilize the strengths of everyone else on their teams. Rodney Cox speaks to pastors and other leaders about valuing and using the different strengths of everyone they work with.

Lead Yourself First: As leaders, we always reproduce who we are. So to produce healthy leaders, you’ve got to first be a healthy leader yourself. Dave Ferguson works through his daily strategy to make sure he is growing as a leader.

Put Action in Your Purpose and Principles: How are you putting yourself forward as a leader? What do you want to be known for? Cheryl Bachelder talks about how your purpose and principles will govern how you work.

Roadblocks for Young Leaders: With over 30 years of ministry and leadership experience, Larry Osborne is uniquely qualified to discuss the common roadblocks young leaders face today.

Six Choices for a No-Regrets Life: Is your life out of balance? Life has so many things that clamor for a leader’s attention. But you can’t lead others if you can’t lead yourself. Steve Graves identifies the six key choices that all leaders must make to establish a flourishing, no-regrets life.

The #1 Ingredient of an Effective Legacy Leader: Whether you like it or not, your leadership is an overflow of your heart. Is that overflow helping or hurting your leadership? Steve Graves talks about the best way to be an effective, sustainable, legacy leader.

Take Time Out! What happens when you operate on an empty tank? Claudia McGuire gives ideas and encouragement for taking the time to recharge in the midst of our busy schedules.

Do You Trust God Enough to Rest? When you are doing what you are gifted to do, you want to work, you enjoy your work, and you work hard. But how much is too much? Bill Peel talks about the importance of balancing the time we spend at work and at rest as well as where we will find our significance.

Humility, Legacy, and Leadership: Strong leadership requires humility. The humble leader will honor the legacy of those who came before, encourage his people to succeed, and respect the decisions of his peers. David Glass, retired Walmart CEO, and Don Soderquist, retired Walmart COO, share how they applied these leadership principles.

Three Things Leaders Do Well: What makes a great leader? Listen as Alan Danielson shares three things all great leaders do well to inspire you to grow as a leader yourself.

The Right Way to Influence Others: God wired humans to influence others. We don’t need to ask whether or not we’re impacting people. We are. Tim Chaddick challenges us to ask the question, “Who do we influence and why?”

Follow the Leader: What are the key elements of leadership? Listen as authors and leadership consultants Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges describe the importance of having a clear vision, commitment to service, and understanding of change so that you and those you lead stay focused and maintain enthusiasm.

Habits of Leading with Love: What does it mean to be a loving leader? Listen as Lead Like Jesus President and CEO shares two examples. She will encourage you to extend grace and forgiveness to those you lead, and she will explain how those habits of unconditional love can improve your work relationships and corporate culture.

Your Compelling Personal Vision: How can leaders benefit from a personal vision statement? Listen as author and leadership consultant Ken Blanchard describes how a compelling personal vision keeps leaders focused on their goals. He walks us through three steps to creating one and even shares his own for inspiration.

Seeds of Scripture: How do you respond to conflict, anxiety, and trials? Listen as Lead Like Jesus President and CEO Phyllis H. Hendry shares her story of loss to encourage leaders to spend time in Scripture and draw on its strength in every situation.

Effective Apology: Saying “I’m sorry” is a big deal, especially for leaders. Author and leadership consultant Ken Blanchard explains the critical importance of apologies to help us understand that saying “I’m sorry” does not make us weak leaders. Rather, it demonstrates strength of character and builds trust.

Part Two:

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Teams come in all shapes and sizes and they are made up of individuals with specific skills and personalities. When brought together, they can result in great dysfunction or create a profitable foundation for an organization’s product and its people. In this video, author Patrick Lencioni provides the keys to understanding where teams struggle most and offer tools for navigating those struggles in a positive manner.

The Ideal Team Player: Building a great team is a complex endeavor. It’s not as simple as collecting the right skill sets—the human element is actually a more critical factor in long-term performance. This video series shows you how to put the right people together to achieve your goals every time.

Popeye’s Serves Up a Turnaround: When Cheryl Bachelder took the helm at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, sales and profits were declining and shareholders and franchisees were unhappy. Today, sales are up, profits are up, and Popeyes stock has leaped from $13 on Cheryl’s first day on the job to consistently over $50 per share today. So what’s the secret ingredient to Popeyes turnaround? This documentary looks at how Cheryl’s unique strategy of servant leadership proved to be a recipe for success.

It’s My Pleasure: There’s a spark, an energy, a passion that exists within some organizations that is almost tangible. What sets apart those truly great companies that customers love? And how do you create a place where employees love to work?

The Hobby Lobby Decision: Much like the powerful stories in ESPN’s 30 for 30series, the RightNow Media team has captured the story of David Green and his family whose faith put Hobby Lobby in front of the Supreme Court.

The Crazy Cycle in the Workplace: Organizations succeed when their people keep their noses to the grindstone and do their work…right? Maybe in the short-term, but not after the burnout, employee turnover, and plummeting team spirit that inevitably follows. Regardless of the work required, the culture of a job has a profound effect on morale, especially when it comes to the relationship between management and employees. What does it look like for companies to encourage a positive environment for all levels of work? What is the secret?

Part Three:

Just Three Questions About Leadership: This series asks 53 of today’s top leaders, including pastors, CEOs, and many others, three simple questions about leadership.

Sessions include answers from: Afshin Ziafat, Alan Barnhart, Andy Crouch, Barbara Neumann, Bill Hybels, Bill McCartney, Bill Search, Bonnie Wurzbacher, Charles Lee, Cheryl Bachelder, Christy Nockels, Chuck Bentley, Claudia McGuire, D.A. Horton, Dave Ramsey, David Platt,

Don Soderquist, Ed Moy, Ed Stetzer, Elisa Morgan, Eric Mason, Francis Chan, Fred Luter, Geoff Surratt, Henry Kaestner, Jack Graham, Jason Jaggard, Jaye Martin, J.D. Greear, Jennie Allen, Joel Manby, John Bisagno, Johnny Hunt, John Piper, John Townsend, Larry Fowler, Larry Osborne, Lecrae, Mac Lake, Marcus Goodloe, Matt Carter, Matt Chandler, Mike Rusch, Priscilla Shirer, Scott Williams, Sherry Surratt, Steve Green, Steve Stroope, Sue Edwards, Tara Russell, Tim Chaddick, Todd Phillips, and Uli Chi.

Videos included in Leadership 101:

Part One

  • The Difference Maker
  • What Leadership Game Are You Playing?
  • Self Leadership
  • Love Works
  • Experience Life
  • 6 Facets of Faith at Work
  • Mission Drift
  • Work as Worship
  • 5 Key Leadership Questions
  • 3 Tips for Building Trust and Credibility
  • 3 Tips to see Your Goals Through
  • Conflict: Manage the Elephant in the Room
  • Developing Character
  • How to Choose the Right People for Your Team
  • How to Keep Your Team Moving in the Right Direction
  • Keep the Vision Alive
  • Do You Have Holy Discontent?
  • How to Endure the Days of Small Things
  • Leadership that Makes a Difference
  • There is No “Middle Road”
  • Leading is Not for Wimps
  • Lead to the Strengths of Your Team
  • Lead Yourself First
  • Put Action in Your Purpose and Principles
  • Roadblocks for Young Leaders
  • Six Choices for a No-Regrets Life
  • The #1 Ingredient of an Effective Legacy Leader
  • Take Time Out!
  • Do You Trust God enough to Rest?
  • Humility, Legacy, and Leadership
  • Three Things Leaders Do Well
  • The Right Way to Influence Others
  • Follow the Leader
  • Habits of Leading with Love
  • Your Compelling Personal Vision
  • Seeds of Scripture
  • Effective Apology

Part Two:

  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • The Ideal Team Player
  • Popeye’s Serves Up a Turnaround
  • It’s My Pleasure
  • The Hobby Lobby Decision
  • The Crazy Cycle in the Workplace

Part Three:

  • Just Three Questions About Leadership Featuring
    • Afshin Ziafat
    • Alan Barnhart
    • Andy Crouch
    • Barbara Neumann
    • Bill Hybels
    • Bill McCartney
    • Bill Search
    • Bonnie Wurzbacher
    • Charles Lee
    • Cheryl Bachelder
    • Christy Nockels
    • Chuck Bentley
    • Claudia McGuire
    • D.A. Horton
    • Dave Ramsey
    • David Platt
    • Don Soderquist
    • Ed Moy
    • Ed Stetzer
    • Elisa Morgan
    • Eric Mason
    • Francis Chan
    • Fred Luter
    • Geoff Surratt
    • Henry Kaestner
    • Jack Graham
    • Jason Jaggard
    • Jaye Martin
    • J.D. Greear
    • Jennie Allen
    • Joel Manby
    • John Bisagno
    • Johnny Hunt
    • John Piper
    • John Townsend
    • Larry Fowler
    • Larry Osborne
    • Lecrae
    • Mac Lake
    • Marcus Goodloe
    • Matt Carter
    • Matt Chandler
    • Mike Rusch
    • Priscilla Shirer
    • Scott Williams
    • Sherry Surratt
    • Steve Green
    • Steve Stroope
    • Sue Edwards
    • Tara Russell
    • Tim Chaddick
    • Todd Phillips
    • Uli Chi

If this course is taken in full, completing all videos and study questions, and the student spends approximately 90 hours completing this course, it can count for .5 high school credit.

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