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homeec_aprEditor’s Note: Due to some family health issues, Heather Leach has ended. Please enjoy all six months of Heather’s course, which remain on the site.  

Welcome back to Home Economics! I’m Heather Leach (you can read more about me just below), and for our April lessons, we’re going to take a deeper look at the things we’ve been learning about and practicing over the past few months including organization, cleaning, time management, and etiquette. Won’t you join us?


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Heather Leach photoHeather Leach was born and raised in Indiana. Mother of four, wife to one, lover of God and coffee. Her background in childcare and love of organization helps with her homeschool and church activities. When she is not teaching, writing, or taking care of her home, Heather enjoys gardening, taking care of the family farm, reading Jane Austen novels, and hanging out with friends. You can find Heather on her website The Homemakers Journal for more homemaking tips, recipes, and homeschooling ideas.