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Basics of the Christian Faith

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Length: 9 hours of video and 450+ study questions
Includes: Videos and study questions
Age/Grade: 10th – 12th Grades, Family
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How to Use This Course

Who is Jesus? What does it mean to “be saved”? Why did Jesus have to die? What happens when I sin after I become a Christian? This course looks at key questions of the Christian faith and provides over nine hours of helpful video explanation of important topics.

Course Introduction

Through more than 150 videos and 450+ study questions, this course looks at the following topics:

  • New City Catechism: This series tackles the big questions of Christianity and provides devotional and theological insight to answer each question.
  • The Real Jesus: We live in a culture that continually tries to pin a title on Jesus. To some, He’s a good teacher; to some, a prophet; to others, a historical figure executed by the Romans. The core of Christianity rests on who Jesus is. So, who is He? This video series talks about who Jesus is, why He had to die, and what it means now that He is alive.
  • The Truth about Salvation: You walk down the aisle at church on Sunday and say the sinner’s prayer. Is that all there is to salvation, or is there something more? This series answers major questions about salvation.
  • Sin No More? Even after we decide to follow Jesus, sin often still plagues us. Is there hope for the Christian who still fights against sin? This video unpacks what sin is, how to withstand temptation, and why Christians still sin.
  • To Tear Down an Idol: Christians often talk about idolatry, but what exactly is it? Are idols golden statues, worldly pursuits, or something deeper? This video gives insight into idolatry and encourages Christians to rely on God’s mercy and aid in the midst of it.
  • The Disciplines of Abiding: Christians talk about abiding in Christ as key to following Jesus, but at times it seems more like an abstract idea than a practical way to live. This video discusses what it truly means to abide in Christ through the disciplines of prayer, fasting, and thanksgiving.
  • 4 Things Christ Accomplished on the Cross: Words like redemption, justification, and substitution can be hard to wrap our minds around. This video explains the difference between these terms and describes the wonderful things that Christ accomplished by going to the cross.
  • The Help of the Holy Spirit: You know that moment when you’re sitting in church and feel like the sermon was written for you? This video discusses the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.
  • Bible Basics: Is the Bible trustworthy? What’s the Bible talking about? This video answers these two basic questions about the Bible.
  • Gospel Prayer: Chances are good that you know you should pray, but have you ever struggled with questions of when or how to pray? Have you found it difficult to cultivate a robust and consistent prayer life? This video describes Gospel prayer, giving practical insight to help you experience prayer and the fullness of joy available to you through it.
  • You Can Trust the Bible: How can believers today be certain about the reliability of the Bible? How do we know it is trustworthy? This video addresses the major objections to Scripture and why Christians have no reason to worry.
  • What Does It Mean to Be Born Again? It’s common Christian lingo to say you have to be “born again” to follow Jesus. What does that mean? Are we supposed to hop back in our mother’s wombs? This video explains what it means to be born again and how Jesus gives us new life when we follow Him.
  • How Does the Trinity Affect All Doctrine? The Trinity can be tricky to understand, but it serves as the foundation for our perception of God. This video explores how our understanding of the Trinity seeps into every Christian belief.
  • The Priority of the Gospel: No other message is as important as the Gospel. This video series talks about the powerful impact the Gospel message has when we keep it central in our lives and churches.
  • The Gospel in All Things: The Christian life begins with the Gospel, but it does not stop there. After we have understood grace for salvation, we must continuously live in it for every aspect of our lives.
  • The Reckless Place of Real Faith: As God’s children, we oftentimes fear stepping out of our comfort zones and into a place of real faith. We want to follow God and desire to be risk-takers for Jesus, but we lack courage.
  • Three Beautiful Truths about the Gospel: The Gospel is central to our lives as Christians, yet many of us get it wrong by adding to it or forgetting its focus on Jesus. This video shares three simple truths about the Gospel that will make us good communicators of the Gospel.
  • When Christ Returns: Harps and halos—is that all there is to heaven? Christians often have a vague idea of eternity, and lack a strong Biblical understanding. This video discusses Jesus’ Second Coming, the new heaven and new earth, and eternity.
  • Who Is Jesus? This simple question demands a profound answer. This video encourages us to consider this ultimate question.
  • Assurance of Salvation: This video talks about the dangers of spiritual deception, the need for self-examination, and how we can be assured of our salvation.
  • God at Work in You: How do you grow in your relationship with Christ? When do you feel His grace most at work in your heart and mind? This video explores questions about grace and spiritual growth.
  • A Personal God: Do you consider God a friend? This video describes why we should get to know God as real and personal—a God who feels, thinks, and communicates.
  • The Thrill of Freedom: This video discusses the excitement of freedom in Christ compared to the sluggish slavery of sin.
  • Your Quiet Time Should Change You: However you label it—time in the Word, quiet time, time with the Lord—devoting time to personal reflection and interaction with the Bible is a vital practice for the believer. But what makes that time transformational?
  • The Search for Truth: This video shares one man’s personal story of investigating every religion before being convinced by Christ’s Gospel and the positive impact that journey made on his ability in evangelism.
  • Understanding Grace: God’s grace is amazing, and it permeates every part of the Christian’s life. Often, however, we live in a state unaware of grace, either through our own carelessness or misunderstanding. This video teaches about the true nature of grace.
  • 24/7 Grace: Misconceptions abound when we talk about grace. Yes, it is by grace we are saved, but grace extends far beyond salvation alone. This video discusses the all-encompassing scope of grace.
  • A Faith Like (Doubting) Thomas: Doubt is often put forward as the opposite of faith. But is this really the case?
  • Embracing Truth in a Postmodern World: This video discusses the postmodern pluralistic philosophy that rejects Christianity and encourages believers to embrace the absolute truth of God’s Word.
  • Sharing from Scripture in a Postmodern World: This video encourages sound apologetics that answer several postmodern claims.
  • Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe: How do clichés and catchy phrases about life and God hinder our faith? This video talks about the price we pay with assumptions based on flawed beliefs rather than Biblical truth.
  • Who You Are Supposed to Be: Most of us feel enormous pressure to be something—expectations that our parents, friends, society, co-workers, or even our church expects us to be. But how do we become what God wants us to be? This video explores a godly understanding of our identity in Christ.
  • Worldview Changes Everything: Are you tired of Christians having a bad reputation? Do you ever feel like your faith is misunderstood? This video aims to clear up the confusion and empower Christians for a better witness.
  • Faithful in a Godless Culture: As tensions rise and political debates fill newsfeeds and broadcasts, Christians may end up worrying about the future of the church in the United States. However, there is hope to be found in Christ—the Lord of all. This video shares insight to help us navigate the trickiest parts about standing for Christ in a culture that drifts further and further from God.
  • Fearlessly Pursue Justice: What does it mean to practice justice? Do believers really make a difference in the rest of the world?
  • How to Be a Culture Maker: When the world looks at the church, sometimes it sees self-righteousness, controlling hypocrites. The other way around, we may look out and see exploitative, dangerous sinners. This relationship is broken, and culture needs more than Band-Aids®. This video shares that Christians need to do more than criticize or consume the culture. We need to form it.
  • Live Out Your Faith: Do you find it difficult to know how to live out your faith? Are you living your life worthy of the Gospel that you say you believe?
  • How to Share the Gospel Story: What is the Gospel? What is the best way to share it? This video powerfully recounts the narrative of Scripture—from Creation to restoration—to encourage Christians to teach the Gospel in its fullness.

Crazy Is a Compliment: In Christ, believers have become representatives of the heavenly country of God. What does it mean for Christians to serve as faithful ambassadors during their earthly lives?

  • New City Catechism
  • The Real Jesus
  • The Truth About Salvation
  • Sin No More?
  • To Tear Down an Idol
  • The Disciplines of Abiding
  • 4 Things Christ Accomplished on the Cross
  • The Help of the Holy Spirit
  • Bible Basics
  • Gospel Prayer
  • You Can Trust the Bible
  • What Does It Mean to Be Born Again?
  • How Does the Trinity Affect All Doctrine?
  • The Priority of the Gospel:
  • The Gospel in All Things:
  • The Reckless Place of Real Faith
  • Three Beautiful Truths about the Gospel
  • When Christ Returns
  • Who Is Jesus?
  • Assurance of Salvation
  • God at Work in You
  • A Personal God
  • The Thrill of Freedom
  • Your Quiet Time Should Change You
  • The Search for Truth
  • Understanding Grace
  • 24/7 Grace
  • A Faith Like (Doubting) Thomas
  • Embracing Truth in a Postmodern World
  • Sharing from Scripture in a Postmodern World
  • Dumb Things Smart Christians Believe
  • Who You Are Supposed to Be
  • Worldview Changes Everything
  • Faithful in a Godless Culture
  • Fearlessly Pursue Justice
  • How to Be a Culture Maker
  • Live Out Your Faith
  • How to Share the Gospel Story
  • Crazy is a Compliment

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