Charlie Church Mouse Talks About God and Our World -

Charlie Church Mouse Talks About God and Our World

Length: More than 5 hours of video
Content-type: Video-based
Age/Grade: Preschool
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How to Use This Course

The Charlie Church Mouse show is a mix of live action and 3D character animation in a fantastic place called Moose Canyon. Here, children have a chance to learn, explore, and have fun with the help of Charlie Church Mouse and his lovable cast of friends. The goal of the program is to educate children between the ages of 3-7 by teaching them life lessons based on Biblical principles as well as by teaching them academic lessons vital to early childhood development.

Course Introduction

Let Charlie Church Mouse and his friends teach your children about God’s love as well as other important Biblical principles such as sharing, loving others, serving God, being truthful, giving to those in need, praying for others, and more. Along the way, children can learn early academic skills including basic problem solving; taking care of what God has given us; identifying their plate, bowl, fork, and spoon; the color of the sky; what you can make for a bake sale; and lots more.


  • Sharing with Friends
  • Hide ‘n Seek
  • Bubblegum Bushes
  • The Rumblies
  • Squashed Flowers
  • Super Jamo
  • Trapped
  • The Kite Fight
  • Lost in the Mine
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Growing Up
  • Kindness Adventure
  • Spilled Paint

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