Missional Living and Discipleship

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Length: 6 hours of video and 250+ study questions
Content-type: Video-based
Age/Grade: 10th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

This video-based course looks at a life on a mission—a life with purpose, direction, and meaning—and also shows us how to both be a disciple and make disciples.

Course Introduction

Through more than eighty videos and 250+ study questions, this course looks at the following topics:

  • Gospel-Centered Is Jesus-Centered: No matter how theologically meticulous we may be, nothing compares to actually knowing and experiencing the love of God in Christ. This series explores what happens when Christians become so focused on “the Gospel” that they forget about Jesus.
  • Fabric of Faithfulness: You may know people who have fallen away from the faith. It begs the question: What keeps people believing in an increasingly pluralistic world? This study calls believers to reflect on their faith and consider the three things that help to produce a sustainable, fruitful faith.
  • Proclaim the Gospel: Sharing our faith is an important part of the Christian life, but how many Christians are reluctant? This study talks about the importance of proclaiming the Gospel in your local church and in your community.
  • Missional Living: As believers, do we truly understand that we are on missions every day? What happens when we step out of our Christian bubble to be the hands and feet of Jesus? This video shares advice on the best way for Christians to seek opportunities to form relationships with others so that they can minister to them and encourage them to pursue a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Transform Your Community by Serving: Impact your community for Christ, one baseball field at a time. This study explains how small group service projects in your local community can bring your group together and be a powerful witness for Christ.
  • Love Your Neighbors: Do you know your neighbors next door? Down the street? This video shares three ways to be more intentional in getting to know your neighbors.
  • Social Media: Useless or a Missional Tool? How can social media ministry be an effective tool for sharing the Gospel?
  • Gospel on the Ground: How does the Gospel story fit into God’s grand story of all creation? How does it fit in your story? Let’s look at the impact the Gospel has on the world, on your everyday life, and on your community.
  • Developing Your Community’s Evangelism: The mission of the church is to go and make disciples of all nations, but many churchgoers often have trouble doing this in their own neighborhoods. How can we go out and effectively communicate and love people with the Gospel?
  • Reach the Unreached: With the influx of immigrants in the United States, the church’s opportunity to witness to unreached people groups has grown exponentially. This video explains three principles to implement when reaching unreached people groups.
  • All About Influence: You don’t have to be front and center to influence people. Sometimes it just takes an act of love and kindness to make a difference for the Kingdom of God.
  • Are You Dying to Succeed in Ministry? What has the Lord called you to do? What gifts has He equipped you with to carry out that calling? What does all of that mean in the context of the local church?
  • Christian Hospitality: What is Christian hospitality? How can we graciously receive it and also extend it to others?
  • Developing Godly Habits: Many people, young and old, have a very hard time developing habits like prayer and Bible reading. This video shares resources that can help us to grow Godly habits.
  • Grace-Fueled Compassion: The pervasive “me-ism” of our culture promotes what “I” want above all else. However, this view of self runs counter to the Gospel. How can a proper view of the Gospel dethrone the myth of personal entitlement and unleash us to share with others the grace we’ve been shown?
  • He Does the Impossible: Do you ever read about the things God did through the prophets in the Old Testament, or through the Apostles in the New Testament, and wonder if that God is the God of today? How do we act like God is the same God we read about in the Bible?
  • Live the Gospel in the Day to Day: This video challenges us to live our entire lives as mission and integrate faith and life.
  • Make “One Another” The Core of Your Community: This video explains the importance of making “one another” the core strategy of relationships and shares how “one another” strengthens us.
  • What Really Matters: How much time do we spend focused on things that are temporary? How can we invest our lives in the things that will last forever?
  • Two Essential Perspectives on the Gospel: Have you ever had an awkward encounter when trying to share your faith? Sometimes people feel inadequate to share their faith because they don’t really understand the Gospel. This video discusses two essential perspectives on defining the Gospel.
  • My Mission Is My Life: The Gospel is more than a ticket to heaven. It moves and informs every part of our life when we are walking closely with the Lord.
  • Find Good Space for the Good News: You want to invest in people who need the Gospel, but what is the most effective way to make this investment? This video discusses building relationships with unbelievers and ways of effectively sharing the Gospel.
  • Ministry Outside the Walls: How do you live your life on mission in your job and with your family?
  • Who You Are Supposed to Be: Most of us feel enormous pressure to be something—expectations that our parents, friends, society, co-workers, or even our church expects us to be. But how do we become what God wants us to be? How can we have a Godly understanding of our identity in Christ?
  • Impact the Culture: This video shows that the culture around us needs God’s grace, and we have been tasked to share it.
  • How Should Christians Treat the Environment? We hear about global warming, rainforests disappearing, and species dying off all the time. Sometimes it’s hard to know how God wants us to respond and take care of the environment. This video dives into passages that talk about the environment and applies them to the Christian life.
  • You Were Created to Make an Impact: This video helps us understand how we can leave the fingerprints of God all over other people’s lives.
  • How Are You Living Your One Life? How Christians live out their faith in and through work is an important part of our complete life in Christ.
  • Opening Doors for the Gospel: Is sharing your faith a scary prospect for you? Many Christians never tell others about Jesus because they have no idea how to begin these kinds of conversations. This video shares how to witness effectively.
  • Demonstrate Christ to the World: The idea of evangelism can be daunting, but it’s not if we approach it by letting our lives do the talking. How can believers demonstrate Christ’s life to the world for the purpose of showing them God’s love?
  • A Different Paradigm for Social Justice: Throughout God’s Word, the Lord calls His people to take care of the widow, the poor, and the alien. The way the church approaches that responsibility, both at home and globally, takes on many forms.
  • Sensitive to God’s Leading: Make yourself ready to share your faith.
  • Why Do You Give? Have you ever considered why you give? What is the real, driving force behind your motivation to share your resources?
  • Your Walk with God: How would you describe your walk with the Lord? This video shares ways to grow in your relationship with Him.
  • If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It: Discipline. The word conjures many connotations, some positive and others negative. However the word makes you feel, the reality is that discipline is an essential component in making goals become reality. This video gives practical steps of how to become more disciplined in the way you approach life.
  • Every Disciple Making Disciples: How does the testimony of Scripture and the history of Christianity show that every follower of Christ is called to make disciples?
  • How Disciple Making Works: If you have been involved in church for any significant amount of time, you have heard about discipleship. This video shares one approach to the discipleship process.
  • It’s More than Just “Doing Life Together”: We hear the word “discipleship” a lot, but do we understand it Biblically? This video shares where discipleship came from and challenges us to return to its roots.
  • It’s Not Just About You: God saves us and blesses us for a purpose. This video challenges us to not just enjoy the salvation and blessing that God has lavished on us, but to remember that He saves us so that we can bless others and tell them about Him.
  • The World Needs More Heroes: Everyone is a role model. What message are you sharing with your life?
  • The Work of Every Believer Is to Disciple: What does disciple-making mean as you teach others to follow Christ?
  • What Is a Disciple? Christians commonly describe themselves as disciples of Jesus Christ. But what is a disciple?
  • Making Disciples Can’t Be Done Alone: This video addresses the person who feels intimidated by the idea of making disciples and points us toward the work of Christ in the Christian life.
  • What Is Your Personal Testimony? This video shares one example and challenges you to consider your own.
  • Making Disciples Starts Somewhere: How can someone who is not currently making disciples of Christ begin?
  • Is the Call to Discipleship Only for Mature Christians? This video shares about how, from the very beginning, every disciple of Christ is called to radically follow Christ and make more disciples of Christ.
  • Key Principles and People for Discipleship: Discipleship done well makes disciple-making disciples. This video shares the Biblical foundational principles of discipleship and describes the three people needed for healthy discipleship.
  • Your Next Step Toward Discipleship: What steps do you need to take in order to form a discipleship relationship with another person? Are you at a loss about what do or how to approach discipleship?
  • Evangelism and Friendship: Do you want to effectively share the Gospel, but don’t know how to begin that conversation without making it awkward? This video shares an approach to evangelism that begins with real friendships.
  • Who Can You Disciple? When Jesus told the apostles the Great Commission, he left us all with His command that we would make disciples. The process of discipleship can seem complicated and overwhelming, but this video shares how it can actually be as simple as modeling Jesus to those who are already spending time with you.
  • What’s So Great about the Great Commission? What does it mean to walk in obedience to the Great Commission? And what if your walk with Christ lacks a willingness to engage others with His Gospel? This video talks about the centrality of global missions in the Christian life and how all believers can participate today.
  • Realistic Expectations for the Mission Field: All Christians are called by God to participate in global missions in one way or another. As you come to discover where God desires your contribution, what does it look like to walk with realistic expectations?
  • How Are You Called to Global Missions? In North America, we enjoy some of the greatest levels of convenience and wealth the world has ever seen. Yet, our participation in resourcing global missions is lacking. How can Christians take practical steps to carry out the call of the Great Commission?
  • Mission Creep: 5 Subtle Shifts that Sabotage Evangelism and Discipleship: When Jesus sent out a team from Galilee to evangelize and disciple the world, they pulled it off as a natural and spontaneous outworking of their faith. Yet 2,000 years later, this same process has been turned into a highly programmed skill left to the professionals. In this 7-part course, pastor and author Larry Osborne exposes what’s gone wrong and the five subtle shifts that sabotage our best efforts to reach the lost and bring them to maturity.
  • Visions of Vocation: Many of us come to a place in our lives when we question our calling: What does God want me to do with my life? Is this job my calling? In this 5-part course, Dr. Steven Garber addresses those questions with a Biblical vision for vocation that challenges believers to consider their calling as a responsibility to restore the broken world.
  • Gospel-Centered Is Jesus-Centered
  • Fabric of Faithfulness
  • Proclaim the Gospel
  • Missional Living
  • Transform Your Community by Serving
  • Love Your Neighbors
  • Social Media: Useless or a Missional Tool?
  • Gospel on the Ground
  • Developing Your Community’s Evangelism
  • Reach the Unreached
  • All About Influence
  • Are You Dying to Succeed in Ministry?
  • Christian Hospitality
  • Developing Godly Habits
  • Grace-Fueled Compassion
  • He Does the Impossible
  • Live the Gospel in the Day to Day
  • Make “One Another” The Core of Your Community
  • What Really Matters
  • Two Essential Perspectives on the Gospel
  • My Mission Is My Life
  • Find Good Space for the Good News
  • Ministry Outside the Walls
  • Who You Are Supposed to Be
  • Impact the Culture
  • How Should Christians Treat the Environment?
  • You Were Created to Make an Impact
  • How Are You Living Your One Life?
  • Opening Doors for the Gospel
  • Demonstrate Christ to the World
  • A Different Paradigm for Social Justice
  • Sensitive to God’s Leading
  • Why Do You Give?
  • Your Walk with God
  • If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Do It
  • Every Disciple Making Disciples
  • How Disciple Making Works
  • It’s More than Just “Doing Life Together”
  • It’s Not Just About You
  • The World Needs More Heroes
  • The Work of Every Believer Is to Disciple
  • What Is a Disciple?
  • Making Disciples Can’t Be Done Alone
  • What Is Your Personal Testimony?
  • Making Disciples Starts Somewhere
  • Is the Call to Discipleship Only for Mature Christians?
  • Key Principles and People for Discipleship:
  • Your Next Step Toward Discipleship
  • Evangelism and Friendship
  • Who Can You Disciple?
  • What’s So Great about the Great Commission?
  • Realistic Expectations for the Mission Field
  • How Are You Called to Global Missions?

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