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Length: Series of 12 stories
Content-type: Video-based
Age/Grade: 1st – 3rd Grades
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How to Use This Course

This delightful series of twelve short illustrated video specials is designed to share the teachings of Jesus and the Apostle Paul with early elementary students in a fun and easy-to-understand way. Please note, due to licensing restrictions, this course is only available to members in North America.

Course Introduction

These twelve delightfully illustrated short stories of seven to ten minutes each teach children Christian truths in a gentle and understandable way. Each story has a key teaching point. At the end of the story, the presenter develops the theme and links it to the teaching of Jesus or the Apostle Paul in a relaxed and easy manner. Ideal for children between the ages of five and nine, Storybook’s delightful settings, charming illustrations, and warm style of presentation will captivate a young audience and lay valuable groundwork on which parents and teachers can build.

Episode 1: The Old Dragon (Rules) – The benefits of having rules
Episode 2: Moonlight (Sharing Our Gifts) – We all have gifts we can share.
Episode 3: Beetle (Looking On the Inside) – You can’t judge a book by its cover.
Episode 4: The Bells (What We’re Made for) – Everyone of us can make a difference when we work together.
Episode 5: Lanterns (Shining Out) – We should let our lights shine so that other people will see the good things we do and give thanks to God for them.
Episode 6: Teamwork (Sharing the Load) – Although our contribution may be very different to someone else’s, it’s just as important.
Episode 7: The Starfish (Every Little Helps) – There are many needy people in the world, and we can’t help them all. But if we can just do our little bit to help just a few, then we could be making more difference than we could ever imagine.
Episode 8: Feathers (Gossip) – One of the problems with gossiping is that sometimes the things we say are exaggerated, and if what we’re saying isn’t entirely true, it can cause real upset and hurt to others. We must think very carefully before talking about other people.
Episode 9: Harbor Lights (Who to Believe) – We trust our family and other people too, like doctors and policemen, but we can’t always trust people we don’t know. We have to be very careful. One safe rule might be not to trust people we don’t know until we’ve checked them out first with people we do know and can trust.
Episode 10: The Eagle Who Wouldn’t Fly (Trusting) – A refuge is a safe place to be and, if God’s arms are always beneath us like Baby Eagle’s father was right underneath him, how wonderful. He will always be there to help and support us whenever we need Him.
Episode 11: Bringing Out the Best (Valuing Others) – We need to see the best in other people and encourage others to see that too.
Episode 12: The Painting (God’s Kingdom) – When we read about Jesus’ miracles, we might realize what His Kingdom will be like and how perfect it will be.

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