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Daily Discoveries

Length:  4 Months
Includes: Unit Studies
Age/Grade: Elementary – Middle school

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How to Use This Course

Daily Discoveries is presented as an elective science study for elementary students with an interest in topics such as pond life, the seashore, the forest, and more. Each week of lessons contains material to read, vocabulary exercises, math, writing prompts, and an activity, all centered around that week’s topic. Answers are included at the end of each day’s lessons.

Course Introduction

Welcome to Daily Discoveries. Each month we will take a look at the world around us and explore various environments such as the forest, the seashore, and ponds. Each week’s lesson contains reading material, vocabulary exercises, math, writing prompts, and an activity. Complete the study in one day, or do a little at a time; it is completely up to you!

Self-contained unit studies with an emphasis on science, vocabulary, and math.

  • Pond Life
  • Seashore
  • Forest Life
  • Desert Life