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Length:  31 weeks
Content-type: Text-based, Interactive Content
Age/Grade: 8th – 12th Grades
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How to Use This Course

Especially for, Ruth Sundeen, a homeschooling mom and co-op teacher with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, presents a well-rounded, full-credit biology course from a special creation standpoint. Biology is a basic high school science course, and this Biology class presents a study of life that helps to focus the student’s attention on the Great Designer who gave us all life to study and enjoy. It is a solid foundational class that is best studied beginning with the first lesson and following through in the order of the lessons, as they build on each other, for a fuller understanding of the subject.

Homeschool teens have the option of downloadable or interactive lesson formats. The interactive lessons break material into smaller chunks, focusing in on key terms and concepts. Some Latin and Greek prefixes and root words taught are applicable not only to this biology homeschool science course, but also to basic vocabulary material encountered in other studies. The interactive option also allows students to label diagrams, view full-color photographic slides to walk them through dissections, and take auto-graded quizzes. With both content delivery options, hands-on activities, such as microscope slides and field studies, demonstrate scientific principles and ideas. Printable quizzes and answer keys are also provided.

If your student needs biology as a high school course and he or she is not going to major in science in college, this course is a well-rounded, full-credit biology course. If your student plans to major in a science in college, while this course provides a strong and solid foundation, additional robust hands-on labs are suggested. As always, please check your own state’s academic requirements.

If you’ve ever wondered why it is critical that students understand the scientific evidence for Creation, we invite you to check out Fallout, by Creation Ministries, International, available to watch free on

Course Introduction

Greetings and felicitations from Mrs. Ruth!

Biology is the study of life and all the interesting variations that it encompasses. There is no way to provide a comprehensive study of life, because not only are there practically endless numbers of organisms to study, we are discovering many new things on an almost daily basis. This means that I will have to pick the subjects that I find most interesting and instructive, present them to you, and then give you the tools to study further on your own.

Here are a few of the things we’ll be doing in this course:

I’ll tell you the story of how I became so interested in science and give you the opportunity to tell me your story.

I’ll give you a verse from the Bible that tells you why you are perfectly capable of understanding scientific material even if you’re not a “science person.”

I will occasionally give you Latin and Greek prefixes and root words so that, not only will you be able to take apart a word in this course, you’ll be able to apply it to other material you’ll encounter in the future (e.g., the vocabulary portion of the ACT).

We’ll cover some of the controversial topics in biology and how you can intelligently discuss it with friend and “foe” (the person who may have an entirely different worldview from you) alike.

I will give you foundational material so that you understand the science beneath the ideas.

Don’t worry! We’ll do plenty of hands-on activities to demonstrate scientific principles and ideas.
This will include looking at microscope slides to allow you to see what we’re discussing, field studies, and much, much more.

I hope to instill in you a love for the “study of life” that will last a lifetime!

I am a storyteller. I will tell you many stories of my experiences in science and in life. My students call it “chasing rabbits,” but I will call it “chasing life!”

You can be assured this course is a well-rounded, full-credit high school biology course. However, do take note: if your student plans to major in a science in college, while this course provides a strong and solid foundation, I recommend an additional course with more hands-on labs. In the courses where I teach students in person, I provide 30 or more labs per year. Also, as with the quizzes and testing I provide in this course, proctoring should take place to provide an official testing environment.

Students can write to me at any time. Send your questions to:

Get ready. Get set. Let’s go!

Ruth Sundeen

Weekly lessons with hands-on activities, guidance on how to use microscopes and conduct easy labs, quizzes, and much more (while it greatly enriches the student’s study of biology to have access to microscopes, dissection opportunities, etc., this course includes numerous diagrams and photographs to help bring biology to life for every student)

If your student needs biology as a high school course and he or she is not going to major in science in college, this course is a well-rounded, full-credit biology course.

If your student plans on majoring in a science in college, this class is a good, solid foundation, and still is a full-credit biology course. However, I do recommend a more robust course, with plenty of hands-on labs. For instance, with the classes that I teach in person with my homeschool co-op (more than 60 students per year), the students are doing 30 or more labs per year. And while we have testing and quizzes in this course, I would recommend more comprehensive testing.

I can provide more information about what would constitute a more robust course; write to me at

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