Scientific Method

Anna Crisostomo

Welcome to Scientific Method on!

scientificmethod_endScientific method is a topic in science that carries into all science curricula at all levels. Every week you will discover more ways to use this method to work through science projects and experiments.

Join me as we look at the steps involved in the scientific method and learn to recognize the ways we use it in everyday life. Enjoy the chance to see your hypotheses in action as you run tests with simple objects you can make at home.


Scientific Method course on Schoolhouse Teachers

Course Outline:

Lesson 1: Introduction to the Scientific Method and Vocabulary

Lesson 2: Scientific Method Song and Activities

Lesson 3: Paper Helicopter Activity

Lesson 4: Forensic Science and New Vocabulary

Lesson 5: Scientific Method for Dummies and Science Fair Projects

Lesson 6: Scientific Method Assessment

Download a printable course outline here.

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Anna has taught K-8 PE, 7 & 8 Science, and English ESL, and has loved every level, but her greatest love lies with the middle school ages. She uses a lot of technology to enhance her students’ learning. She challenges students to use creativity and hands-on learning to develop their own educational experiences.

She has been awarded technology grants, has served on curriculum-building teams, represented her campus for STEM, and has been looked to for mentoring. She was selected for leadership trainings and even had the chance to spend an entire week at NASA as part of a gifted program for Math and Science teachers!

She loves teaching and working with the students today. She is inspired by many of the older generations of teachers and more so by the usage of technology within the classroom. Students are her life; she never looks forward to breaks within the year. Not being with her students makes her sad; they energize her daily.