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Cathy Diez-Luckie

Welcome to Historic Heroes and Heroines! 

April 2014


figsinhist_aprThank you for joining for our series of weekly hands-on activities, Historic Heroes and Heroines, which focuses on a notable figure from history. My name is Cathy Diez-Luckie from Figures In Motion. It’s a privilege to be able to share my love of history and art with you each month with projects centered on a different character that has influenced the world we live in.

Whether you are studying ancient or medieval history, the American Revolution or the Civil War, it is my hope that these weekly lessons will help you provide your children with meaningful activities to accompany your history studies. Last month (Aristotle), and for the next few months, we will study famous people of ancient times. This month we will study Socrates, followed by Constantine in May. We hope that these activities will enrich your child’s learning experience:

  • Standing Cutouts, Week 1 (March 31-April 4): The first of your weekly lessons will include making a standing cutout of Socrates in both a colored and color-it-in version. These cutouts may be used for dramatic plays, reenactments, or just for fun.
  • Word Search Puzzle, Week 2 (April 7-11): In the second week’s activity, your child will be provided a word search puzzle with words relating to Socrates and his life. An answer key is provided. Kids find this fun, and they’re finding key words and learning new words too!
  • Coloring Page, Week 3 (April 14-18): A coloring page of Socrates will be given in week three.
  • Accent on Art, Week 24 (April 21-25): The fourth of the weekly lessons will consist of a project relating to the life of the hero or heroine. This month we will look at a painting by Raphael that included Socrates and other masters of Greek philosophy and classical thought. In other months we will study a painting, mosaic, or sculpture made of the character or associated with his or her life.


The week of April 28-May 2, we’ll begin the first of our study weeks in May on Constantine.

April’s Historic Hero: Socrates

Socrates created a method of asking questions of his students in order to expose contradictions in their thoughts and guide them to arrive at solid conclusions. This practice became known as the Socratic Method and is still used today. While Socrates was one of the most influential philosophers of ancient Greece, he did not write any of his ideas down. Much of what we know of Socrates comes from the writings of Aristophanes, Xenophon, and Plato. Aristophanes attacked the character of Socrates in his theatrical work The Clouds, while Xenophon and Plato, two of his prominent students, wrote the Socratic dialogues, in which Socrates is often the main character, discussing moral and philosophical issues.

Ultimately, Socrates was put on trial by the citizens of Athens and found guilty, with a punishment of death, for leading young people down the wrong path with his ideas, failing to acknowledge the gods of Athens, and introducing new gods.

Join me for April’s hands-on project about Socrates!

Our desire is to provide you with the highest quality history supplements that engage your children while they learn about historic heroes and heroines.

Blessings to you and your family,

Cathy Diez-Luckie

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Cathy Diez-Luckie, publisher at Figures In Motion, is thankful for being able to educate her three children at home and loves to study history and literature along with them. With training in art and a graduate degree in chemical engineering, her diverse background includes researching polymeric materials, directing manufacturing at a medical device company, and illustrating children’s books for a publisher in New York. Her award-winning children’s book series (Famous Figures) integrates art and history and engages children with hands-on activities and movable action figures as they learn about the great leaders of the past.