Best Online Homeschool Curriculum

Best Online Homeschool CurriculumHow did a homeschool mom go from selling discarded textbooks on eBay to offering the best online homeschool curriculum through

Gena Suarez, along with her husband, Paul, have homeschooled their seven children since 1990. What started for Gena as a way to share her love of books and homeschooling curricula by scouring thrift stores and a local book depository and then selling her finds on eBay soon turned into a conduit for reaching the hearts of homeschooling parents. She says of her experience, “There were homeschoolers everywhere! More and more parents every year were bringing their children home to educate them instead of letting the public schools do it.”

Parents wanted more than just books; they also sought answers to their questions and fears about homeschooling. Gena remembers, “I was not at all an expert in home education or parenting. But I did my best to encourage these folks with the wisest possible answers I could give them, and I enjoyed the conversations that came from my little The Old Schoolhouse eBay bookstore.”

Gena was soon sending a newsletter out to families across the US, Canada, Australia, China, Africa, Japan, Russia, and more locations as a way to reach her customers with answers to their questions and to encourage them in their homeschooling efforts.

Fast forward a few years, and the twelve-page newsletter Gena and Paul originally produced had transformed into the 120-plus-page quarterly The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine homeschooling families worldwide still turn to today as the trade magazine for homeschool families.

Early into the new millennium, the Internet had reached most households, and parents were capitalizing on its ease and flexibility as a way to access resources for homeschooling their children. Gena and Paul Suarez saw another need they could help fill as their hearts continued to seek ways to support homeschooling families to keep their kids “home where they belong.”

In 2012, they launched with eleven courses that had been written by a team of volunteers. Shortly after, they hired Bonnie Rose Hudson, who became the Director of in 2015. Under Bonnie’s dedicated leadership, her incredible team has grown the site tremendously, becoming the best online homeschool curriculum available.

Currently, offers hundreds of homeschool courses for preschool through high school, including many designed specifically for the enrichment and encouragement of parents—and additional courses and features are always being added. Lesson designers from five continents, to date, have contributed material, many of whom are recognized as leading experts in homeschooling.

But is more than just a source for the best online homeschool curriculum. It is truly a community that listens to its members and offers hundreds of homeschooling resources to help families be successful, at an all-inclusive affordable price.

What does the best online homeschool curriculum offer to its thousands of members? Remember that is the homeschool curriculum extension of The Old Schoolhouse®, a trusted name in the homeschool community for almost two decades. has the experience and community with fellow homeschoolers to listen to moms. They know the need for flexibility to choose homeschool course options and make changes as needed, variety in content for every age level, a shared vision to instruct from a Biblical worldview, a family-centered approach, and easy access. is not an online school with live classes; is the best online homeschool curriculum option with hundreds of content-rich courses in a variety of styles and formats, all taught from a Biblical worldview.

Best Online Homeschool Curriculum

Here’s what makes the best online homeschool curriculum, and more, for homeschooling families around the globe:

So, how much does it cost for a family to homeschool all their children with the best online homeschool curriculum? The answer may surprise you!

“Some Christian families spend thousands of dollars each year on private school education, but not every family can afford that,” explained Gena Suarez. “We developed to offer families the quality of a private education at a fraction of the cost and designed the courses to not only help parents teach their children, but also to minister to them. Students learn Christian values while they are learning subjects like history, science, and language arts.”

Providing all the resources through a digital platform makes this possible. Membership options also give families the flexibility to decide the best fit for their needs and budget.

Membership rates for include access for an entire family. There are never any per-student fees or textbooks to purchase. Annual and monthly options to access the best online homeschool curriculum are available in two tier structures: preschool through high school and preschool through eighth grade.

Full details about membership rates and benefits may be found here.

When families become members of, they receive more than just access to the best online homeschool curriculum. Members can reach out to a community of thousands of families around the world through the member forum and Facebook support group.

Friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives can help homeschool parents find the resources they need, and a comprehensive introduction to the great features of is available through tutorial videos, periodic emails, and the How to Use page on the website.

But mostly, is the best online homeschool curriculum because of the variety of quality homeschool courses available to families to teach their children from preschool through high school. The following sections provide just a glimpse into the hundreds of content-rich courses that are part of a membership, where one low price covers the entire family.

Homeschool Science Curriculum

From preschoolers just beginning to experience the world around them to homeschool teens planning to pursue a career in the medical field, has a homeschool science curriculum that offers options for all ages. Dozens of homeschool science courses include choices like:

  • Curious Science – Eighteen individual month-long unit studies incorporate homeschool science with language arts, math, art, Bible, and history
  • Wonderful World of Bugs – Hands-on activities combined with nature journaling explore some of the smallest animals in God’s creation
  • Lapbooking Through Science – Basic templates and easy-to-understand content provide a gentle introduction to lapbooking for young students
  • Geology – Audio/video slideshows are the base for discovering how the structure of our earth points to a Creator
  • Advanced Chemistry – Video instruction, supplemental readings, and extensive practice exercises (with answer keys!) offer challenging upper-level teaching in general chemistry
  • Marine Biology – Multiple modes of content delivery, including research projects, has made this course a favorite among homeschool students and parents alike
  • Physical Science – World Book Online resources and hands-on experiments introduce homeschool students to chemistry, physics, and earth science
  • Charlotte Mason Preschool – Living books and art are incorporated into this nature study for the youngest learners
  • Let’s Do Science Outside – An unconventional approach to “doing school” is perfect for elementary homeschool science students who need to move and touch while learning even offers interactive content within its homeschool science curriculum, such as auto-graded quizzes in courses like Dinosaurs and the Bible. A homeschool science curriculum Focused Learning Center makes choosing courses, including science-themed unit studies, easy. For homeschool parents who would like additional guidance in selecting courses in science or other subjects, a full Scope and Sequence is also available.

Homeschool Math Curriculum

Math instruction doesn’t have to be daunting with the support of the homeschool math curriculum available at In addition to homeschool math courses that cover concepts from early shape recognition and counting through precalculus and statistics, the homeschool math curriculum and Focused Learning Center for math includes these supportive resources: also offers a library full of beautiful certificates parents can personalize and print to recognize their children’s accomplishments in math or just about any subject or personal achievement.

Parents can also have questions answered about the homeschool math curriculum—or any course or resource—find fresh homeschooling tips, and share personal celebrations and frustrations by being part of the member forum and Facebook group. makes it easy for homeschooling parents to get the support they need and celebrate milestones with other like-minded folks.

Homeschool History Curriculum

American history, world history, history of Christianity—it’s all available as part of the homeschool history curriculum. But homeschool students aren’t confined to textbooks or limited to studying a predesigned sequence of history topics. Instead, the homeschool history curriculum at offers dozens of course choices in typically taught historical eras from elementary through high school, as well as:

  • Drive Thru History – Host Dave Stotts gives unique video-based tours of notable locations and historical facts through his own humorous style
  • This Day in History – Activities for every day of the year provide insight into famous and unusual historical events through activities, short stories, discussion and research questions, and suggested living book reading lists
  • Lighting the Way – Video-based lessons introduce homeschool students to the lives of heroes of the Christian faith from the early Church through modern day
  • ABC with ME – Preschoolers and kindergarteners learn about notable figures in history through poetry, hands-on activities, coloring pages, and picture books
  • Bold Explorers – Elementary and middle school homeschool students travel around the world learning about more than thirty famous—and not so famous—explorers
  • Classical Archaeology – Homeschool teens explore archaeological finds from a Biblical perspective
  • Fashions in History – Young ladies (or gentlemen) of all ages explore history through a look at the fashions of the times, with the opportunity to create authentic crafts and sewing projects
  • Hard Times and Hope – Elementary homeschool students learn the significance of indentured servants, immigration, slavery, and the Statue of Liberty
  • Asia: Its People and History – A glimpse into life as a Christian in seven different Asian countries helps elementary-age students develop a heart for praying for the persecuted Church

Since the entire homeschool history curriculum at is self-paced, homeschool parents can allow their children to immerse themselves fully in subjects of interest, supplementing with additional streaming videos and World Book Online resources to further expand the learning.

Interactive content in homeschool history courses like American History for Beginners gives children the opportunity to take virtual tours, “hear” from important historical figures, and take auto-graded quizzes. It’s all included with membership in the best online homeschool curriculum at!
Best Online Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Bible Curriculum

While Christian homeschool parents may have the confidence that all courses at are designed to support their efforts to teach their children from a Biblical worldview, also offers a homeschool Bible curriculum that includes dozens of courses focused specifically on teaching children about God’s Word. Homeschool courses for all ages help children build a firm foundation and develop in their personal faith.

Unique to is a partnership with multiple companies to provide hundreds of Biblically-based streaming videos to members as part of their family membership. Engaging and informative videos from publishers including, Vision Video, Discovery House, Boat Angel, City on a Hill, RightNow Media Originals, and more offer solid Biblical teaching from favorites like Donkey Ollie, Bedbug Bible Gang, Torchlighters Series, Children’s Heroes from Christian History, Francis Chan, Timothy Keller, Chuck Swindoll, and many others, making membership in the best online homeschool curriculum an even greater value for the price.

The homeschool Bible curriculum at includes Bible courses for all academic levels—even parents and whole-family learning adventures:

  • Preschool Playground: Bible – This resource for parents gives tips for teaching young children to memorize Scripture
  • Bible Adventures – Full-color illustrated Bible stories are available in several languages
  • A Different Kind of Bible Study – An interactive format helps elementary homeschool children explore the lessons they can learn from the Proverbs 30 ant, hyrax, locust, and lizard
  • Discovering Our Amazing God – Daily Bible lessons aid middle school homeschool students in moving from Scriptural knowledge to spiritual application
  • A Study of Extraordinary Women in the Bible – Young ladies from middle school through high school learn how God uses the unique qualities of females to further His kingdom and purposes
  • Worldviews, World Religions, and Cults – Several hours of audio-based lectures explain worldviews to homeschool teens and equip them to refute the claims of modern-day cults
  • So You Want to Be a Pastor – Homeschool teens who feel called toward ministry—as well as those who are seeking God’s call on their lives—explore essential ministerial topics through video-based lessons
  • Digging for Treasure – Four Bible-themed scavenger hunts have the entire family digging through their Bibles to find valuable treasures of Truth
  • Marriage Built to Last – Candid stories from well-known Christian celebrities and teachers provide homeschool parents with insights into communicating clearly, resolving conflict, restoring intimacy, and loving Biblically

Homeschool Preschool Curriculum

Preschool Playground at is a homeschool preschool curriculum that may be used as a full and rounded early-learning experience, or parents may choose activities in specific skill areas for their young children. Either way, Preschool Playground lessons and activities provide fun ways for little ones to “do school” like the older kids and acquire valuable skills through play activities.

Here are just a few of the many individual courses and units found within the homeschool preschool curriculum at

The Preschool Playground Focused Learning Center lists all the resources available as part of the homeschool preschool curriculum at, including additional teaching units, games, eBooks, worksheets, and hands-on activities.

Using Preschool Playground as a full curriculum gives a simple approach to using the homeschool preschool curriculum as a complete preschool program. Parents can even use the monthly menus available at to take the stress out of meal planning while they enjoy learning adventures with their young children.

In addition, an entire Just for Parents section on offers homeschool parents encouragement and tools through videos, articles, devotionals, and teaching resources that focus on learning styles, special needs topics, household organization, personal enrichment, teaching methods, family relationships, parenting, and so much more.

Parents also receive support and encouragement through The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, which US members may receive mailed to their homes quarterly at no additional charge. It is just another perk to becoming a member of the best online homeschool curriculum.

Homeschool Writing Curriculum

Writing is often at the top of a homeschool parent’s “hardest subject to teach” list. recognizes that not all students learn in the same ways or fit into a single instructional mold. The homeschool writing curriculum helps parents succeed in writing instruction by offering a variety of instructional methods and themes.

Self-paced homeschool writing courses allow parents and students to take their time on a new or favorite skill and move more quickly through comfortable or familiar types of lessons. Plus, with the ability to change courses anytime, a parent isn’t locked into expensive curriculum or classes that just aren’t the right fit for their student.

Young students may start their homeschool writing curriculum instruction with Beginning Handwriting lessons and Print & Do Worksheets, while learning to sequence story events with Put the Story in Order activities. For elementary through high school homeschool students, there is a wide array of options, such as:

  • Adventures in Writing – Fun, farm-themed elementary writing activities also incorporate science and art
  • Daily Writing – More than a thousand prompts offer frequent writing practice for homeschool students from elementary through high school
  • Everyday Copywork – A huge selection of copywork passages provide models in form and style, including a few options in Spanish
  • How to Do Research – Elementary and middle school homeschool students are guided through the process of finding, evaluating, and compiling sources to present a thorough research project or paper
  • Writing on This Day in History – Hundreds of writing prompts make history real and personal for middle school and high school students
  • Crafting Fiction – Bite-size assignments teach middle school homeschool students the skills needed to write quality fictional stories
  • Benjamin Franklin Writing Method – Middle school through high school students learn to write the way Ben Franklin did—by first copying the masters!
  • Essay Writing 101 – Common essay types and self-editing are emphasized in this more traditional style homeschool writing course
  • Classics-Based Writing – Homeschool teens learn literary terms and techniques used by authors of literary classics and then apply those same techniques to their own writing
  • Writing: College Admission Essay – A veteran writing teacher walks older homeschool teens through the “dos” and “don’ts” of introducing themselves to college admissions counselors

For homeschool parents who want more structure or like to check assignments off as they are completed, optional lesson plans are available that take the guesswork out of scheduling homeschool writing curriculum assignments. The Custom Schedule Builder feature at also makes scheduling and recording individual tasks a breeze.

Homeschool Art Curriculum

It doesn’t matter whether the homeschool parent has an art degree, feels all thumbs when it comes to teaching art, or falls somewhere between, the homeschool art curriculum has options they can use.

Video-based, interactive, and text-based homeschool art courses provide several opportunities for homeschool students to learn, appreciate, and practice a variety of art techniques, including:

  • A Century of Art – Middle school students learn to associate unique art elements with periods in history, while practicing those styles themselves
  • Achieving Art Success with ArtAchieve – A combination of video and printable teaching modes incorporate art lessons with other subjects for homeschool students of all ages
  • All About Art – Elementary homeschool students explore the basics of color in art through various types of projects
  • Digital Art and Product Designs for Small Businesses – A professional digital designer teaches homeschool teens how to make their original product designs stand out from the rest
  • Everyday Easels – A strategic indirect approach frames art in the context of history, geography, Bible, and other subjects to inspire reluctant art students
  • Inkscape Online Adventure – Video demonstrations help homeschool students master vector graphic design
  • Studio Art for Teens – Traditional art instruction focuses on learning from the techniques of master artists
  • Art Appreciation: South African Art – Elementary and middle school homeschool students explore the language and elements of art by studying the works of modern South African artists

Homeschool art curriculum unit studies and arts/crafts activities found in the Seasonal Resources center at provide small doses of art throughout the year.

Families may also take advantage of the World Book Online access included with membership in the best online homeschool curriculum to further their study of art history, cinema and photography, famous artists, architecture, and more.

Homeschool Health Curriculum

Just about everybody agrees that physical fitness and nutrition are important, but it can be difficult for homeschool families to work exercise routines and healthy eating into an already overloaded schedule of school assignments, household tasks, and outside activities. designed their homeschool health curriculum with busy families in mind!

The Homeschool Physical Education Center is the first place to start if homeschool parents want to help their children engage in physical activity with competence and confidence, understand the importance and benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

The Homeschool Physical Education Center is an in-depth resource to help homeschool parents determine fitness goals for their children and guide them on their way to developing and maintaining a fit lifestyle. Inside the Homeschool Physical Education Center, parents can find practical information, a sample fitness workout, and explanations for determining body composition. Then, goals and skills are presented in two age levels—K-5th grades and 6th-12th grades—along with several fun activities that can help children reach their goals. Sports-specific skills are even provided for the older homeschool students. Additional activities and resources are also suggested. While not meant to take the place of medical advice, the Homeschool Physical Education Center is a valuable resource for homeschool parents to use with discretion. hasn’t forgotten that many homeschool families also desire structured course options for teaching their students about health and fitness. The homeschool health curriculum at includes courses for multiple age levels, including Family Fitness and Nourishing Nuggets, homeschool courses designed for family members to use together.

Homeschool Music Curriculum offers members a full preschool-through-grade-12 homeschool music curriculum! Music study is about more than just playing or singing notes. It is about cultures, history, rhythm, and much more.

The homeschool music curriculum includes choices that offer a well-rounded education. Homeschool music courses and unit studies are available that focus on: continually seeks lesson designers who have expertise in music or other subjects and periodically expands its homeschool course offerings.

In addition, members may broaden their homeschool music curriculum by accessing additional resources through World Book Online, which is included in your membership. Biographies, news articles, and music history are all available. Some articles may be accessed in Spanish, and others may be translated into one of a number of language options. A “Make Some Noise” activity even teaches children how to create their own homemade instruments!

With the Schoolhouse Digital Planner, a parent can develop homeschool music curriculum and other subject goals for each child, plot out courses, plan lessons, and document progress. The High School Schoolhouse Digital Planner is written directly to homeschool teens to encourage independence in planning and tracking progress in music, as well as all other homeschool subject areas.

Best Online Homeschool CurriculumHomeschool Geography Curriculum

Students can travel the world without ever leaving home when they access the homeschool geography curriculum. From learning to read maps to exploring lands around the globe, there are lessons that expand students’ awareness of the world around them.

Some examples of homeschool geography curriculum choices include:

  • All About Maps – Lessons divided into levels from kindergarten through eighth grade teach students how to read and interpret a variety of map formats
  • A Splash of Geography – Homeschool students of all ages travel across both hemispheres to explore historical sites and modern destinations, with plenty of interesting trivia to discover along the way
  • Everyday Explorers – Designed for homeschool students from kindergarten through high school, this series of courses includes links for students to virtually explore locations in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand
  • Geography of the Bible – Several hours of video footage transport high school students to Biblical regions where events continue to shape the world today
  • Wonders of the World – Elementary homeschool students discover what made the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and Seven Wonders of the Modern World so amazing
  • Asia: Trade Route Safari – Through short videos, notebooking, and hands-on activities, elementary homeschool students visit more than thirty Asian countries and learn how they can pray for the people who live in each country

World Book Online atlases, outline maps, interactive maps, articles, and geography games extend the homeschool geography curriculum learning experience. Stevie’s Trek and Drive Thru History videos, available as part of the huge streaming library members enjoy, add even more options for bringing the world right into students’ living rooms.

Homeschool Language Arts Curriculum

In addition to the wide array of writing courses available, has a homeschool language arts curriculum that teaches children about language, reading, and literature. The Literacy Center at offers Teach Your Child to Read in 101 Simple Steps that includes explanations, suggested learning activities, and links to teaching resources available at that focus on helping children develop decoding and comprehension skills through about a fourth-grade level.

Dozens of individual homeschool courses for preschool through high school provide instruction in language arts. Here is just a sample of the homeschool language arts curriculum choices at has available .pdf versions of several grade-level readers, ready to download or print as part of the homeschool language arts curriculum.

The World Book Online Early World of Learning, which is available as part of every membership, features audio books, nursery rhymes, songs, and practice in early reading skills (including Lexile® levels). Thousands of titles in the World Book Online eBook library include early readers, as well as non-fiction titles and classics for all ages.

Sometimes homeschool parents need a little extra guidance or encouragement to teach to a child’s unique strengths and needs. The Help with Special Needs Focused Learning Center brings together articles, eBooks, webinars, and suggestions to help homeschool parents teach a special needs learner, whether the student has challenges in learning literacy skills or other areas of development.

Homeschool Social Studies Curriculum

More than an understanding of historical events and geography, social studies lessons equip a student to make an active contribution to society. The homeschool social studies curriculum at offers a variety of homeschool courses that teach students about their responsibilities as citizens of the world God created, including such courses as:

  • Rights of Citizens – The US Constitution, the structure and functions of the US government, and what it means to be a “good” citizen are introduced to elementary homeschool students
  • Elementary Economics – A series of grade-level homeschool courses explore concepts of renewable resources, trade, supply and demand, global economics, stock market, and currency at a level young students can understand
  • Free Market Economics – Video lectures, online readings, and assignments break down this sometimes weighty topic for homeschool teens
  • All About Careers – Older elementary and middle school homeschool students investigate several occupations through reading, fun activities, and special learning adventures
  • American Government – Homeschool teens trace the development of the US federal government from its inception to the present day
  • Mock Trial – Designed by an attorney, this unique homeschool course introduces teens to the US legal system through various court cases, including opportunities for students to hold mock trials to debate the issues being studied
  • Strengthening Behavioral and Social Skills – Printable games and activities help young children understand and develop interpersonal skills


Homeschool Drama and Speech Curriculum

It isn’t necessary to participate in an outside classroom to develop skills in drama and speech communication.’s homeschool drama and speech curriculum provides opportunities for homeschool families to learn and practice these skills right in their own homes and neighborhoods.

Whether the homeschool student aspires to perform on stage or just wants to develop confidence speaking in front of others, has options to explore:

  • Introduction to Public Speaking and Advanced Public Speaking help homeschool teens develop speech and forensics skills, advanced listening skills, delivery techniques, and confidence
  • Simply Shakespeare takes elementary through middle school students deep into the backgrounds, characters, plots, and vocabulary of more than a dozen Shakespeare plays, while viewing these classics from a Biblical point of view
  • Dozens of Reader’s Theater scripts for any size group (even if only parent and child!) provide practice in reading fluency, auditory comprehension, speech skills, and vocal/physical expression
  • How to Write and Produce a Play and In the Limelight have homeschool students performing in their own backyards as part of the homeschool drama and speech curriculum even offers a homeschool course in Filmmaking that provides teens with lessons in story structure, screenwriting, casting, editing, sales, marketing, and more. Homeschool students are further challenged to focus on God’s vision for their video productions.

For the homeschool parent who finds herself teaching a child whose talents and interests are much different than her own, the Just for Parents section includes resources, such as Your Child’s Learning Style, Kinetic Connections, Help Me Stay the Course, and  Tips for Homeschooling Active Learners, to equip a parent with ideas and encouragement to continue on the homeschooling journey.

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