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This page is the quickest way to navigate the site, so please be sure to bookmark this page.

If you know which classes you want to take, simply click on “lessons” to go directly to the lessons for each class. If you are still deciding and need more information on a class, click on “read more” beside each class.  If only one link is given, click on the link and then follow the directions on that page.

Please note: the newest classes are indicated by the (NEW) to the right of the title. The classes that will continue to have material added to them have a ** asterisk to the right. Those that are complete classes do not have any notation.

Don’t miss our Unit Studies center that you can enjoy in addition to all the incredible classes listed below, and be sure to check out our Holiday and Seasonal Resource Center, with more than 500 holiday and seasonal resources at your fingertips!

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Computer and Technology

Drama and Speech


Foreign Languages


Health and Fitness


Language Arts




Physical Education:

See our Physical Education Center listed above under Health and Fitness for the philosophy of physical education, goals, and tons of resources for learning about fitness and implementing physical education at home. Activities for individuals as well as small or large groups (such as how to learn soccer skills or tennis skills) are included.


See our Preschool Playground for a complete list of Preschool resources!


Social Studies

Just for Parents

Don’t miss our Holiday and Seasonal Resource Center with more than 500 resources to choose from, or jump right to one of these special pages: